A fascinating trip to Phetchaburi


Phetchaburi is one of the most attractive destination  Thailand. This place is very famous for its charming beaches and mountain.  I had a very fascinating trip to Phetchaburi that I will never forget.

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Khao Chae – An amazing food

This morning, I was introduced to a very strange dish with little travel material written about it, which is very popular with Thai people, especially in the summer . The said this dish wasso special and I should try it. I clearly saw people put the rice into the bowl. the rice was large, white and did not stick together. Then they poured a spoonful of water and added some ice cubes in the bowl.
After that I knew this dish was called Khao-Chae. “Khao” means rice, “chae” means to soak in water. There was a legend about this dish. In the past, when Mon people conquered the central plain, they created this dish to offer the river goddess on Songkran Day. Later, this dish was served to the King in the palace. By now, when you ask anyone about Khao Chae, they can show you where to eat the delicious one. My journey to explore Phetchaburi gradually became more interesting when learning the process of making this holy dish.

The process of making this dish is simple but very elaborate and meticulous. First, the rice is cooked to soft but not yet ripe, then put the rice into the sifted through the water several times to remove all the bran outside. The perfume is the most important and most elaborate ingredient to make Khao-Chae. First, pour water into a large pot so that the water is half submerged then give a pinch or some jasmine or rose petals to the pot of water. Then drop a small candle on the water with a small floral incense burning. Take the lid for 15 minutes. Then give the flower and replace a candle with another flower in the pot. Repeat for the third time with this operation. In this way the scent from candles and essential oils from rose or jasmine will penetrate into the water to create a flavor for the dish.

Khao Chae (via pocketculture)

Lightly scoop the cooked rice into the flowerpot, then use a thin cloth to wrap the pot of water to prevent the rice hatched and then steamed into the water. This dish can be accompanied by crushed pork, pepper or sweetened pork or beef, Chinese turnip salt, shrimp paste … and are decorated with many kinds of vegetables.

Monkeys in Phetchaburi

It’s deficient if we don’t mention monkeys when discovering Phetchaburi. Monkeys spread on the streets on the wire and on the advertising boards. Monkeys are every where. Some beggars here have a very civilized begging which is selling corn stalks and pineapple sticks for guests to make food for monkeys. People pick up some food left and put in each bag, then sell to tourists. Here, there are a lot of warning sign about monkeys. It seems that monkeys are a part of the life here so it is a very normal thing.

Khao Wang

Khao Wang (via wikimedia)

This 92 meter high hill is located in Muang district. Mongkut King was very interested in Khao Wang Hill, so he built a palace on the top of the hill in 1860 as a guest house called Phra Nakhon Khiri. However, the people of Phetchaburi province still call “Khao Wang” . Khao Wang Hill is now the Phra Nakhon Khiri Historical Park and opens daily from 8:30 to 16:30. Some parts of the hilltop side of the west turn into the National Museum of Phra Nakhon Khiri, which is opened to the public from 9am to 4pm daily except Mondays and Tuesdays. Guests can walk up the hill or use a trailer car with cable. Then we were hungry and headed to the best restaurant in Phetchaburi. It was definitely the best meal I ever had in Thailand.

Finished the journry, we returned to the guesthouse. My friend also had to fly to Finland after finishing the three months of Thai internship an spend time to visit this family, and that was why I was in Phetchaburi.

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