A wonderful trip in Phuket (Part 1)


Located in southern Thailand, Phuket has been an attractive destination for both international and domestic visitors. Not only famous for its long white sand beaches, Phuket also offers a lot of fascinating activities that can bring tourists unforgettable experiences.

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Phuket Trickeye Museum

Coming to Phuket, besides spending time enjoying on beautiful beaches, exploring 3D art photos at Phuket Trickeye Museum is also exciting to suggest for tourists. Newly opened in 2014, Phuket Trickeye Museum has received a lot of positive feedback from visitors and became one of the most interesting attractions in this beloved island. If you are wondering which makes Phuket Trickeye attractive, you will have the answer when visiting there.


  • Admire majestic 3D art in one of three largest museums in Thailand.
  • Become a part of magical art pictures.
  • Have fun with family and friends

What you can expect

Unlike other 3D museums in Thailand, the Phuket Trickeye Museum has many satirical themes, famous characters and works stylized and blown the humour into that make them close to the everyday life. And because of this fun, every step in Phuket Trickeye Museum doubles the discovering excitement of visitors.

Coming here, let’s your imagination fly high and create unique pictures. You can be thrown water like in Songkran festival by politicians such as Obama and Yingluck who are laughing. Or you will see beautiful Mona Lisa become fatter because you are by the side of the air blowing. No matter what angle you choose, surely the created pictures will also be the unique experience on the journey in Phuket.

Baan Teelanka House

Baan Teelanka House – the upside down house in Phuket (via travellooks.my)

Being one of the five most unique destinations in Phuket, Baan Teelanka – the upside down house is indeed a huge difference compared to most of the attractions you have experienced on this beautiful island. Situated on Bypass Road in the northern outskirts of Phuket Town, Baan Teelanka is a three-storey house built on its own roof.  Not only amusing with its inviting reverse space, Baan Teelanka also makes you excited by the quest to find the secret keys to the hidden Secret Baan Teelanka room, and enjoy the journey of exploring the labyrinth in the backyard of the house. Don’t miss the uniqueness of Baan Teelanka – the first and only house in Thailand when visiting Phuket.


  • Walking around the roof of an upside down house and experience new sensations in a reversed space.
  • Get lost in a fresh maze in the backyard of the house.
  • Find the key to exit the secret chamber

What you can expect

Just opened in 2014, this house has received a lot of positive feedbacks from visitors and become one of the cannot-miss destinations in Phuket. Entering here, you will be Spiderman who can walk on the roof comfortably as in the floor or become a special person who can break the gravity. Besides the reserved space, the house also owns a nearly 1000 meter squared maze that is suitable for those who love to explore and challenge themselves.

Another exciting experience in Ban Teelanka is exiting the secret chamber. You can only get the key when answering all the questions and puzzles. This is an interesting challenge, requiring you to have concentration, observation and logical reasoning to be able to complete the task. Would you like to overcome all these challenges?

Phuket Fantasea Show

Phuket Fantasea Show (via phuket-fantasea.com)

Phuket Fantasea is a unique show of art that fully integrates elements from culture, history and myth of Thailand. Coming here, you will have the opportunity to witness the unlimited combination of high technology effects, artistic performances and special fireworks. You can enjoy a variety of buffet at the large restaurant and shop in the chain of unique souvenir shops.


  • Enjoy featured performance of history and culture of Thailand
  • Witness the combination of high technology effects and wonderful fireworks.
  • Enjoy abundant buffet of local cuisine
  • Relax with family and friends.

While enjoying the fireworks,  you will find yourself as immersed in the characteristic space of Thailand in a large theatre with a capacity of up to thousands of people. The scale of the best performance here will bring you and your family the feeling of surprise and exciting. You will find yourself travelling through thrilling and colourful mythical landscapes from acrobatics and colourful carnivals to delicate ballet dances.

After enjoying special art performances, you should not miss shopping and experience the amazing local cuisine.  You can freely choose exquisite souvenirs from silk, feathers, ivory, natural stones, jewellery and other numerous specialities of Thailand. There are also restaurants and eateries with plenty of food from various places. That surely makes your trip to Phuket wonderful and unforgettable.


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