A wonderful trip in Phuket (Part 2)


As one of the most popular tourist attractions in Thailand, Phuket has plenty of choices for tourists when visiting there. If you are planning for holiday to Phuket, look no futher than these activities below.

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Show Simon Star Phuket

Not only famous for its ideal excursions with much gorgeous scenery and diverse cuisine, Thailand is also well-known of cosmetic surgery and number of transsexuals. If you have chosen this country for your next holiday, don’t miss Simon Star show in Phuket Town. Performed by sexy ladyboys, this show is one of the features that make Thailand unique that it hasn’t got in anywhere else in the world. Let’s drop by once to enjoy the unique attraction of this show.


  • Enjoy impressive and beautifully performances created carefully by ladyboys.
  • Take photos with dancers.
  • Enjoy airy and beautiful atmosphere at the destination next to the beaches.
  • Have fun with your family and friends.

What you can expect

The impressive performances of ladyboys are the most special part of Simon Star show. You can immerse yourself in a festive atmosphere with tourists from all over the world and enjoy impressive performances. The eyes, lips, faces, bodies and gestures of dancers attract everyone.

In the exciting music, you can enjoy the performances that are prepared well from the customer to the content. They are the performances of splendid Chinese dance, mysterious and colourful Egyptian dance or sweet Korean dance. Surely that the exciting music combined with the skillful performances can take your eyes off the ladyboys.

After the show, the ladyboys are always willing to take “selfie” photos. Don’ hesitate to take photos

Phuket Wake Park

Phuket Wake Park (via tapoma.com)

Phuket Wake Park is a complex with restaurants, parks and entertaining areas. The most featured part that you should not miss when coming here is water skiing. If you are a sports lover, don’t miss Phuket Wake Park when traveling to Phuket to take part in this fascinating activity considered as”rising horse” on the water.


  • Experience water skiing at Phuket Wake Park
  • Play hard and enjoy the cuisine at restaurants, parks and bars.

What you can expect

Challenging the surfing

Being one of the most fascinating and challenging activities at Phuket Wake Park, surfing will bring you a lot of interesting experiences.  If you are passionate about this sport, you must come here once to experience the adventure and overcome the obstacles. If you are not familiar with the waves, you can take part in a short training session before experiencing this game.

Play freely with the waves

In a large lake, you will be free to struggle and play along with the waves, crossing 13 obstacles of all levels. Like riding a horse right on the water, you will definitely feel excited to be involved in the game. Whether you are a beginner or an accomplished surfing enthusiast, this is a great game for everyone.

Other experiences at the park

Phuket Wake Park is not only a place where you can participate in the challenging surfing game in Phuket, it is also a complex park, so there are many other functional areas. Thai and Asian-European restaurants are available with Thai food, a sport area with professional equipment or hotels, all are ready to serve your needs.

Seeing dolphin on Maithon Island

On the Racha Sunset Cruise Power Cataraman to Maithon Island, you will have the opportunity to watch the performance of cute dolphins. There is nothing more exciting than traveling around the southern beaches Thailand and enjoying the cool weather of the sea. You can also experience kayaking, swimming and playing in the clear water.


  • Cruising around the beautiful Andaman beach.
  • Visit Maithon Island and watch the performance of dolphin in the ocean.
  • Watch the sunset – an unforgettable moment
  • Enjoy the dinner with delicious dishes.
Dolphin on Maithon Island (via tapoma.com)

What you can expect

Surrounded by the Andaman Sea, the beauty of the southern Thai beach becomes more beautiful when you stroll around on the Power Catamaran cruise. Moreover, the tour will also take you to one of the most beautiful islands in Maithon Island. You also have the opportunity to watch the performances of the ocean dolphins. All are waiting for you to explore.

Explore Maithon Island with interesting activities

Maithon Island is an isolated island but recently it has become one of the most popular and attractive attractions in Phuket. Coming here, you will enjoy the moment like in the paradise when immersing yourself in the clear water or lying on the peaceful beach. And don’t forget to kayak or swim to find dolphins and watch their performances.

Enjoy the romantic dinner in the sunset

After relaxing on the Maithon island, you will have the opportunity to go around the island and watch the gorgeous sunset on the cruise. The Crimson, bright orange and the golden yellow of the sun are gradually blending together to create an unforgettable spectacle. Enjoying a delicious dinner buffet with Thai delicacies on the deck in the romantic setting will definitely leave you with wonderful emotions.


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