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Like Bui Vien Street in Vietnam, Khao San in Bangkok is a walking street where all the cultural colors of backpackers are gathered. in the Banglamphu district, in the northwest of the city center, not far from the banks of the Chao Phraya River, Khao San Street is considered “the home away from home”.

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The life in Khao San Street

Khao San Road (Bangkok) will be the place where you can see the life of local people in the most authentic way. On this road, you can meet everyone from all classes: young Western students excitedly chatting with locals, children playing together,also you can see monks drunkenly lecturing Buddhism to a shopkeeper in front of the store.

What to explore in Khao San

Thanon Market

Thanon Khao San Shopping Market is situated beside Banglamphu Main House. Here you will find ultra-cheap T-shirts, fashionable purses along with various items such as tapes, classical Buddha statues, imitation leather and telephones. This is the premier address for strolling and exploring, shopping for cheap goods and great Bangkok street food.

Visiting Ghost Tower

Bangkok’s Ghost Tower is a gorgeous panoramic structure and an exotic, high-end and unfinished complex that represents the city’s shattered dreams. The tower was completed 80% at the time of the Asian financial crisis of 1997. The collapse caused the skyscraper project in Thailand to fail. The Ghost Tower in the project was known as Sathorn Unique Tower. The building is planned to accommodate 47 luxury apartments, modern among ancient temples. Since the abandonment, the obsession of this lonely desert area has attracted tourists. The existence of the building is also a sad reminder of the change that Bangkok should have touched, but eventually never touched.

Khao San street (via ytravelblog)

Night life in Khao San

Khao San in night is really a festival with all the noises from street vendors, sidewalks, to the bustling music of the bars, or the constant laughter of the Western backpacker groups. There is no difference here, no one is shy, everything can be confided, even the strangers have never met each other can always embrace the neck as friends.

The neon lights flash on the colorful street, lingering cries or even raw laughter, seemingly all the way to Khao San. The streets are crowded with lots of bars that start up music, and invade the streets. Cocktail or beer is quite cheap, even cheaper at Ta Hien or Bui Vien. We came together in a pretty music shop, called a few bottles of beer and chatted and enjoyed the festive atmosphere in Khao San.

The music grows stronger and the atmosphere becomes more and more yeasty. Neither in the street nor in the air bar are no different, just like celebrating an important event. The Western backpackers dance junk, but it seems that these bars are not enough capital.

Dance in these pubs was not too excited, so we went out to see how the life. Right across from the pub is a club called The Club Khaosan, which is pretty cheap at just 150Baht / person including a small cocktail. Tables here did not need reservations, better music outside. At first they asked to leave everything outside like balo, camera, .. but in the end too much saw me bring the small backpack, so they allowed me to bring inside. At this time was 11 pm and guests started in the same day club. In general, this bar was also very similar to the middle bar in Hanoi old town.

The Ghost Tower (via focuswithoutborders)

How to get to Khao San

Khao San Road is located in the Old Bangkok City, so there is no MRT or Skytrain system like Siam, Sukhumvit … Therefore, the main means of transportation is bus.

The bus route

From Pattaya to Bangkok, the bus stops at Mochit (from Don Mueang Airport, take the bus to get to central Bangkok). This bus station is very close to Chatuchak weekend market. Around the Chatuchak market there are many bus stops, you can ask people to catch car number 512 to Khao San. You should ask the driver assitant to stop at Khao San. The ticket price is 15 bath.

From Siam Center Shopping Center: You will pass the opposite side and take bus 15 to get to Khao San.

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