Explore mysterious Prannang Cave

As a reward for curiosity, I found the Pranang secret in the early morning, as raindrops lingered on the leaves of the forest and witnessed the spirituality of this land.

Pranang, a name that sounds very close but far away. You can see it in front of the mountain but you need to take the boat to get there.

It rained heavily at night on Railay island. The west coast was dusk, and the east coast was drenched with heavy rain in the way between the bars and fast food outlets. From the room looking out into the dark sky, the rain from the porch came down non-stop, the leaves spotted water, I opened the umbrella to the village to buy noodles.

The rain stopped when the sky was still dark. I have still had one side of the island to explore, where the map on the island has a road leading to the mountains and the scene to see Railay overlooking the east coast curved east as the logo of the beautiful and arrogant brand Chanel.

There were some people walking on the trail forward to the southeast of the island. I continued to walk to the west, wondering whether it is possible to find the way to the top or find a lake lying in the middle of the jungle?

The road along the cliffs and large open spaces with a lot of stalactites hanging down still dew night and there were two long squirrels climbing over the fence and several trees.

Prannang Cave (via homeiswherethebagis)

The trail was quite quiet. The big rocks covered much of the light, making the path become obscure, which made my feet shy …

But then, at the end of the road, the Pranang secret was opened.

The wild beach

There was a beautiful little bay in the morning in front of me. The tide drew a smooth white sandy beach.

The two sides of the beach protruded as a bracelet embracing the front of the island, scattered over the bay, like a wall of the breakwater, giving Pranang a quite private and separate from the outside world.

On the beach, there were only two Chinese tourists performing yoga poses and taking pictures of themselves. A group of three were walking by the edge of the water, leisurely and pointed to the northwest.

Pranang Cave and mysterious linga

Pranang in the legend is the name of an Indian princess, who died in a shipwreck and her ghost resided in a cave on the beach.

In another legend, Pranang was simply the wife of a retired fisherman who never returns, when she lived the rest of her life in a cave waiting for her husband. The cave was named Pranang.

Over time, fishermen in the area have formed a strange habit of offering in the Pranang cave for the sake of the sea trip.

There are countless Linga made from wood. They are very sophisticated and shaped like the original was raised for the girl named Pranang in Pranang cave.

Prannang Cave (via roamingaroundtheworld)

Linga is the symbol of Shiva in Hinduism, which is always considered a lucky mascot. Linga offerings come in a variety of sizes, often painted in color and wrapped in colorful fabric.

The scent of someone who has donated so soon spread in a clear space, like taking me away from the real world and immersed in vague thoughts.

Right on the sand was a large Linga made of wood plug deep in the sand, toward the sea.

I remembered that right in the middle of the cave-lined cave this morning I also met a huge rock Linga which was beautifully formed and stalactites from above. Small water down the peak Linga looked quite sexy and press statue.

For many visitors, they may wish to visit Railay Island in general or Pranang Beach in particular for sunbathing, lying on the sandy beach, listening to the waves, relaxing and sleeping in quiet and private space.

But then many of them will be as surprised as me when they witness the spiritual soul of the land where Pranang cave.

The gatekeeper of Rayavadee Premier Resort told me: If you drop a wooden Linga mascot down to the sea in Krabi, no matter where in the Krabi sea, the Linga mascot will finally come back to Pranang Cave …

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