Must-try activities in Pattaya (Part 1)


Pattaya is one of the most attractive destinations in Thailand. Besides beautiful sightseeing, Pattaya also provides tourists with a lot of interesting things to do.

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Alcazar Cabaret Show Pattaya

People say if you want to see the beautiful “ladyboy” transsexuals, you should go to Tiffany show, but if you want to see a great art show, you should go to the Alcazar. Performances with over 400 dancers will definitely bring you unforgettable memories in Pattaya.


–    Enjoy 70 minute Alcazar Cabaret show

–    Watch the beautiful (Ladyboy) transsexual in the traditional costumes of the country with special performances.

What you can expect

Alcazar theatre can accommodate over 1200 people with the modern architecture and the most advanced lighting system in the world. The spectacular performance of over 400 charming ladyboys will surely attract you right from the first moment.

The special feature of the Alcazar Cabaret is theatrical background and costumes of the actors are constantly changing depending on the play being played. So, you will see the dancers in ao dai, conical hats and the Hanoi Opera House scene in Hello Vietnam. Then there will be Indonesian-style mansions, Chinese palaces or Korean-style buildings. Along with this are the dazzling dance and beautiful curves of the dancers in Brazilian Carnival costumes. And finally, the brazen dance and the melodious tunes of the Persian maid will close the perfect night.

Coming to the Alcazar Cabaret, you go on a journey, travelling all over the world with a collection of rhythms, lyrics and unmatched performances. All blended together to create a wonderful adventure which is full of surprises and unforgettable memories for all audiences.

Alcazar Cabaret Show Pattaya (via alcazarthailand)

Seats in Alcazar Cabaret Show

–    VIP seats: includes 7 first seat rows on the first floor, opposite the stage

–    Normal seats: others on the first and second floor

Tiffany Show Pattaya

Tiffany Show is a unique show that is ranked # 4 in the top 10 most viewed shows in the world, according to TravelCom Magazine. Coming to the Tiffany Show, you will always feel satisfied and glamorous with gorgeous dancers and costumes and well-elaborated performances, sound and lighting.


–    Enjoy 75 minute Tiffany show

–    Watch the beautiful (Ladyboy) transsexual in the traditional costumes of the country with special performances.

What you can expect

Transgender actors with sexy curves, beautifully dressed up in their delicate outfits and soft, soft movements will surely make you swoon throughout the show.

With a total of 13 performances alternating, you will, in turn, enjoy elaborate performances, with background music featuring famous songs as well as distinctive country dances. You may find somewhere here a mix of cultures with quiet Japanese tunes, a bit of ebullient western music, a few Chinese folk songs, All these are the dances of Korea, the rush of Indian melodies and melodies. And especially proud as at least once the songs of Vietnam and the applause, warm cheers of friends around the world.

Tiffany Show Pattaya (via

Seats in Tiffany Show Pattaya

–    VIP Seats: in the front area and the two sides of the stage (excluding the top eight seat rows on the stage).

–    VIP gold seats: The 8 first seat rows opposite the stage

–    Mezzanine seats: 9 seat rows behind VIP area

Experience donut pontoon boat at Horseshow Point Resort

This is not a game of eating cake but a game of donut boating and towing by jet or jet ski. A donut-shaped float boat and colourful banana-backrest can accommodate two to four players depending on the speed of the fast train or jet ski jet engine are required. A boat with a capacity of 2-4 people will be towed around the coast. The experience of Donut Float at Horseshoe Point Resort Pattaya will give you a relaxing moment with cool water and relieve stress.

What you can expect

The unique donut shaped float boat

The donut-shaped float boat with unique banana-shaped backrest, brilliant colours that help your team look prominently in the sea, confidently taking impressive photos in the waters of Pattaya. Donut float at Horseshoe Point Resort Pattaya is definitely a fun activity that you should experience once in a lifetime.


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