Must-try activities in Pattaya (Part 2)


There is no shortage of joy and delight in Pattaya. As one of the most attractive destinations in Thailand, this place offers a lot of fascinating things which can bring you unforgettable experiences.

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Mini Siam Pattaya

This is the place to rebuild the ancient architecture and cultural heritage of the world down with a ratio of 1:25. Mini Siam consists of dozens of miniature buildings, simulating the famous wonders of the world. Coming to this park, you will realize your dream travel around the world the most realistic and lively. In addition to visiting and taking impressive pictures, you also have the opportunity to enjoy Thai traditional dance here at 7 pm every day.


–     Nearly 100 world cultural heritages are reproduced in precise detail at 1:25 scale.

–    The buildings are illuminated at night.

What you can expect

Mini Siam is considered as one of the symbols of Pattaya city. This 3-hectare park is one of the first signals welcoming you when coming to the most famous night city in Thailand. With two clearly divided areas, the designers here have been truly successful in providing visitors with the world’s most remarkable wonders while retaining the spirit of the civilization of the Thai people.

You should visit Mini Europe, which displays the world’s miniature architectural wonders. It could be the Eiffel Tower, the beautiful Arc de Triomphe of the capital of Paris, St Basil’s Cathedral of Aries, or the familiar arc-shaped ruins of the Colosseum, Angkor Wat, etc. Contrary to that is the work of modern colour, innovation as the goddess of freedom. New York, Sydney Scallop Theater, Singapore’s Merlion Fountain. Whether it is old-fashioned or novel, these miniature works will also help you explore the world in a flash.

Mini Siam Pattaya (via tapoma)

Crossing the small stream, welcome you into the 800-year history of the Golden Temple country. Each miniature work here is the representative of the essence of the Thai people. You will be welcomed by Wat Phra Kaew, Wat Phanom Rung in Burirum or new projects such as Rama Deu cable-stayed bridge, Ananta Samakhom marble mansion. Thai history is like a gathering on a point and always waiting for you to discover.

And if you go to Mini Siam, you definitely have to wait until the night falls. At that time, in the middle of magic lights sparkling you can feel all the sparkling beauty of the works here. Coming to Mini Siam Pattaya and experience the feeling of being a Gulliver kid in the world of small, you will surely get more than a visit and a fantastic photo collection.

Splashdown Water Park

Splashdown is an adventurous water park for young people including 8 different areas with obstacles and challenges from inflated buoys of all shapes and sizes. The park also has services such as bar, restaurants and convenient shop. All can bring you an interesting trip.

What you can expect

Discover 8 areas with different challenges

Splashdown with 8 areas will bring you experiences at different levels. You can plunge into the water from the skyscrapers with the world’s tallest float at astonishing 50 feet. You have to pass 8 big balls without falling into the water or having to conquer the high walls and jump into the lake and a lot of other games.

Splashdown Waterpark (via

Enjoy other facilities in the park

Splashdown Bar: serves many types of international and domestic beer and other soft drinks and cocktails.

Splashdown restaurant: enjoys Southern-style fried chicken and fried potato to help you recharge before continuing the game.

Bathroom: The park provides visitors with changing room and shower.

Splashdown Mini-part: serves food such as chocolate, hot dog and ice-cream

Experience safely with enthusiastic staffs

Splashdown Water Park takes all possible measures to ensure that all players feel safe in all activities. Rescue workers are present on all games and ready to help you out of the pool, in addition to providing each player with a helmet, life jackets, safety shoes so that they can be assured when playing games here.


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