Must-try activities in Pattaya (Part 3)


Pattaya is an ideal place to spend your holiday because there are a lot of interesting activities waiting you there to explore. If you get the opportunity to travel there, don’t miss these activities below.

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KAAN Show Pattaya lasts 90 minutes which can bring audiences to the world of elves and ghosts, monsters and robots, with sound effects combined light show on the widest modern screen, giving you the feeling like watching a full 4D movie.


–     Experience live stories from famous literary works such as Ramayana, Pra Apai Mani, Krai Thong.

–     The world-class stage effect makes you completely immersed in the wonderful audio-visual world.

What you can expect

Watching a performance of legends, Thai fairy make you feel bored? That will not happen to KAAN Show Pattaya because in 90 minutes, you will experience the great feeling when enjoying a performance that combines the traditional stage performance art and the support of high international technology level.

Coming to KAAN Show Pattaya, you will hear more about Thai ancient stories: Phra Aphai Mani, Phra Suthorn – Menorah, Manimekhala – Ramasura, Sangthong the Ivory Coast and Ramakien. Performing arts with elaborate performances, combining acrobatics, dancing, fire extinguishing … with theatre technology with East-West cinematic interference. In addition, the Kaan Show uses light projection technology of up to 1500m2, with a high screen of a four-storey building.

KAAN show (via thairath)

The Sanctuary of Truth

The Sanctuary of Truth Pattaya is a magnificent building overlooking the Gulf of Thailand formed from 10,000 tons of wood and absolutely no metal or rivets. Even before the start of the tour, the excitement has also been expressed in the fact that you will have to “wear a helmet” because the temple is being built. However, the masterpieces of wood sculpture are displayed throughout the castle, both inside and outside which can fascinate you. You also have the opportunity to enjoy the special cultural performances and experience a “no” religious tour but still very spiritual when setting foot in the Sanctuary of Truth.


–    Admire exquisite and unique wood sculptures.

–    Enjoy wonderful Thai traditional art performances

What you can expect

“Impressive “is the first feeling when you come here. With a maximum height of up to 205meters, the castle is arranged in four directions on the outside, corresponding to the religious culture of the Thai, Khmer, Chinese and Indian ethnic groups. Stepping inside and you will visit the 5 main halls in a unique way to express different themes.

The first hall talks about “origins” – the formation of the universe and the earth with the land, water, wind, fire, and Hindu gods (Shiva, Vishnu, Brahma) or Buddhism. The second hall “Creativity” is the symbol representing the sun, the moon and the stars. Next to the third hall you will see the sculptures featured on the topic “People”. The round of samsara between the donor (parents) and the recipient (children) is also prominently displayed on the four walls of the castle. And finally, the fourth and central halls are dedicated to talking about love, sharing, sympathy and sacrifice.

The special feature of the castle is the great technique of the skilled Thai craftsman. The entire structure, though completely built of wood, does not need a nail. Instead, craftsmen used special glue or wooden latches to connect the joints and fix the small parts of the castle.

Besides architectural excursion, you and your family can also enjoy fine art performances such as dancing, singing, martial arts, … and take part in many interesting activities such as the horse-drawn carriage, riding elephants and shooting guns, … Surely after this trip you will have wonderful moments with relatives, and understand the real message that the founder of the temple wants to bring people: religious are different, but all are for the purpose of helping people to live a better life.

Pattaya Elephant Village (via ticket2attraction)

Pattaya Elephant Village

Pattaya Elephant Village, opened in 1973, is home to elephants who “have retired “for health or age reasons. The “rangers” here always welcome visitors to visit and learn about their life. You can take pictures with the elephants, give them some bananas, feed the baby elephants and especially participate in an exciting trip on the back of these “four-legged” athlete. Not only do you have fun, you contribute to the conservation of elephants in Thailand, as the majority of Elephant Village’s income is used to maintain the habitat and food for this cute animal.

What you can expect

Riding elephant experience

Coming to this sanctuary, you will be the bastard piggybackers visiting the countryside in Thailand. You will climb the elephant’s back and sit comfortably and experience the feeling of swaying in every step of the elephant on the journey. In about 45 – 50 minutes, you will explore the forest of Pattaya. At the end of your trip, you will stop by Silk House – a traditional Thai village. And finally, you will board the car back to the elephant village and enjoy the seasonal fruit.

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