Shopping in Thailand


Thailand is well-known not only for its magnificent pagodas and colorful festivals, but a shopping paradise in this place. Coming here, you can buy everything for yourself, your friends and your family: clothes, household items, pictures, furniture, bags, shoes, jewelry. These are suitable for all ages. Therefore, shopping is one of the important reasons why you decide to travel to Thailand.

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Siam Paragon

Siam Paragon is the largest shopping mall with the cinema complex and it is considered as the shopping haven in Bangkok. Siam Paragon is not only for the upper class, there are also items with different prices. Siam Paragon has a basement of food and five shopping floors. The ground floor is Gourmet Market which is considered as the biggest market in Thailand. The first floor is the place for brands of Hermes, Chanel, Bruberry, Hugo, Boss, Gucci, Versace, Franck, Muller, Hary Winston và Rolex. On the second floor, they sell sport equipments, entertainment products, golf apparel and audio equipments such as Samsung, Plaza, Sony Style, Bang & Olufson and Boss. The floor is also prominent with spa stores, optical products and a gold booth. The third and fourth floor are home of furniture decoration stores and large bookshops. Movie theaters and entertainment are on the fifth and sixth floor… Beside Paragon is the center of Siam where there are many clothing shops. On the ground floor, you can enjoy some of the finest coffee here.


Pratunam market (via

Pratunam is known as the largest apparel retailer in Bangkok.  Inside Platinum Mall, there are shops that sell t-shirts and uniforms. This is an attractive shopping destination for merchants, office workers, students and Thai students as many prices of items can be cut down sharply when purchased in large quantities.

Pratunam Market is near Platinum. It is a miniature version of Platinum with lots of stalls and kinds of handbags, sunglasses and handmade jewelry with wholesale prices.Note that this market closes pretty early, just to 3pm, so be sure to make arrangements to arrive at this market.

Silom – Surawong – Patpong

Silom Road, the main artery of the Bangkok commercial, is paralleled and connected to Patpong Road. The Silom Complex: The Central Department Store is a place to sell a variety of very low priced items including designer clothes, toys, kitchen equipment and footwear. In the evening, the market becomes busy with street stalls of old furniture, wooden candlesticks, pillows, cage temples, jewelery chains, and a variety of antiques. But the most eye-catching items in this market are usually designer handbags, leather goods, silk shirts, watches, suitcases, t-shirts, bamboo lamps,Thai tapestry. The market is open from 18h00 to 01h00.

Chinatown và Phahurat (Pahurat)

The Chinatown in Bangkok is the main Chinese trading district (It was moved here in 1972 from the old site near the Grand Palace).There are many gold shops located along the Yaowarat Road. If you are looking to buy a chain, a ring or jewelry, Chinatown is the best place for you in Bangkok.

The best way to explore Chinatown is by walking. Visitors come here not only for buying dried fish and Chinese traditional medicine but also this street reminds of the ancient China.

The Thieves Market is located between Boriphat Street and Chakrat Street. Peoplen can buy Thai and Chinese articles of virtu such as: bronze, Chinese porcelain, musical instruments and accessories in this market.

Chinatown Bangkok ( via

Purahat (also called Idiantown of Bangkok): In this street, there are many of clothing and shoes stores with reasonable prices. It is also the largest fabric market in Bangkok.

The heart of Purahat is Phahurat high-rise market. The market is colorful with saris, sandals, silver bracelets, and many other colorful carvings of Indian deities. The most sold items here are fabrics with many different types of patterns.

Suan Lum night market

Compared to the Chatuchak market, Suan Lum is much less chaotic. This gigantic night market is a landmark of Thailand with a variety of leisure facilities and shopping centers. The outdoor market has a dense network of 3,700 souvenir shops, sa paper, ceramics, silk garments, furniture decorations, and some of the unique products in Thailand. There are also a number of fashion boutiques with unique designs, handbags, jewelry made of precious stones and reworked fabrics.

Besides shopping, there are also small spas that offer traditional Thai massage and health treatments. Near the entrance, there is a huge beer garden and outdoor restaurants. Every night there is a music show where young singers and beautiful Thai dancers sing the current peak song in English and Thai. Guests will enjoy these interesting things.

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