What to do in Pattaya in 3 days

Just located about 100 kilometers from Bangkok, Pattaya attracts a lot of tourists each year. They are family, couples, and friends. In Pattaya, there are so many interesting activities and leisure entertainment with the long sand beaches, elegant resorts, charming coral reefs and amazing local cuisine. Let’s explore the most interesting things about this city in three days with us.

Day one: Explore beaches and night life

Jomtien beach
Start a day in Pattaya by enjoying the morning in one of the most famous beaches in Pattaya – Jomtien beach. It’s a destination for the local people as well as the tourists at the weekend.

Stretching 6 kilometers, Jomtien beach is much more peaceful than other beaches. It’s also the place where you can experience many water sports such as fly board, banana boat, surfing or sun bathing on the beach.

Show Ladyboy Tiffany

If the beach is the “specialty” in the morning, Ladyboy shows are essential things that you should not miss at night in Pattaya. Be the most famous shows in Thailand, Tiffany show always brings the audiences happy, sad and angry feelings. The costume and music of the show are focused and the actors are very beautiful.

Tiffany’s show is performed at 6 pm, 7.30 pm, and 9 pm daily. You can choose the last performance to have the chance to enjoy the cuisine at famous restaurants then go to the walking street to enjoy the night life in Pattaya.
Ladyboy shows (via bangkok.com)

The Walking Street

The walking street is a part of Beach Road, you can easily get there by taxi, tuk-tuk, and songthaew. Just say “Walking Street”, the drivers will take you there with inexpensive price.

Despite opening all the day, the night is the time of the street performances, bars, and clubs.
You should spend at least one night to enjoy interesting and unique features of the walking street.

What to eat

It’s ideal to have an outside dinner at Rimpa Lapin, a well-combined cuisine, and sea view restaurant. Or you can enjoy traditional Thai food at Siam Elephant Bar and Restaurant, located at the beach. After the dinner, you can enjoy the last show of Tiffany or take part in local parties. You can also go to the Mixx Discotheque – one of the biggest dancing clubs in Pattaya.

Day 2: Immerse in nature

Explore Nong Nooch garden

The tropical Nong Nooch garden is 600 hectares square covered with a lot of trees and waterfalls. Coming here, you will feel like you are entering a fairy tale.

Riding an elephant around the garden is an interesting activity that you should not miss. After the trip, you can enjoy Thai traditional food. On the north of the garden, there is an art museum where the home to ten wooden Buddhism temples and the sanctuary of the truth.

Have dinner at Mantra restaurant

At the end of the day, you can have dinner at Mantra restaurant, which is famous for traditional Chinese, Japanese and Mediterranean dishes. This place attracts a lot of tourist because of its cool atmosphere and friendly staffs. After the dinner, you can come back to hotel and rest.

Coral Island (via blogdulich.com)

Day 3: Visiting the Coral Island ( Koh Larn Island)

Coral Island ( Koh Larn) is a cannot miss destination when traveling to Pattaya. It will take at least a half day to explore and relax on this island. To get there, you will take a 45-minute ferry. Departuring from Bali Hai ferry, the boat operates from 7 am to 6.30 pm daily.

Koh Larn is an ideal place to explore one of the six most wonderful beaches in Pattaya – Ta Wean Beach. It is famous for water sports. Or you can visit Nual beach where is famous for many kinds of colorful corals. It’s also an ideal destination to dive.

After discovering the ocean, you can have wine and lunch at Lareena Resort, a Mediterranean style restaurant. The restaurant serves a lot of seafood and it’s wonderful when the food is combined with the summer cocktail.

At the end of the day, let’s rent a motorbike to travel around the island. With the variety rental service, you can easily rent a motorbike with the price from 500 bahts to 1000 bahts. The scenery and comfort that this trip brings will be the perfect closure for your Pattaya trip.

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