Thailand Airlines

Thailand Airlines

Flying is the most convenient mode of transportation for traveling to Thailand, as visitors can fly to Thailand on non-stop routes from many corners...

Koh Chang Travel Guides

Thailand is home to numerous beautiful islands. As not bustling as other famous coastal cities, Koh Chang is a gorgeous island in the ocean. It is the most searched destination in Thailand.

6 reasons to visit Thailand in year-end time

Thailand is one of the attractive destinations for tourists due to its breathtaking landscapes and unique culture. Coming here, visitors can enjoy the amazing cuisine and shop at markets and shopping centre. Year-end is a great time to visit Thailand because there are a lot of interesting things awaiting you there.
Royal Barge Procession

Thailand Festivals & Events

Some unique festivals in Thailand Songkran (pronounced sohng-krahn) is the traditional Thai New Year which is celebrated for three days in April by symbolically washing...

Koh Lipe Guides (Part 2)

Koh Lipe is an attractive destinations that visitors should not miss when visiting Thailand. With many beautiful beaches and other sighseeing, this place is worth a visit.

Krabi Travel Guides (Part 1)

Krabi – an attractive destination in Thailand- is located between Phang Nga and Trang island which owns 150-kilometer coast with blue water and beautiful white sand beaches. In addition, nature also gives this land a huge forest cover with limestone hills, caves, waterfalls and wildlife.
Bangkok Capital of Thailand

Bangkok Capital of Thailand

Bangkok's Introduction With “World’s Best City Award” for three years in rows, Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand, definitely is a remarkable destination for a...

How to travel around Krabi

Krabi is a great destination for your holiday. Coming to Krabi, there are many ways to go around the city such as motorbikes, cars, songthaew, long-tail boats, and ferries. Below is the useful information about the route schedule, advantages and disadvantages of the transports to prepare well for your trip to Krabi.

Guides when travelling from Bangkok to Krabi

There are a lot of ways to get to Krabi, you can departure from Phuket or Bangkok. Travelling from Bangkok is the most popular route for backpackers. If you are planning your trip to Krabi, take a look at our guides traveling to Bangkok to Krabi to find out the most suitable mean of transportation for you.

Pai Travel Tips

Pai -130km north of Chiangmai, is a beautiful town. If you love Chiangmai Old Town, when you come to Pai you will be completely abandoned by the fragile beauty and romance.