Explore Nong Nooch tropical and cultural garden

Nong Nooch garden (via delightontour.com)

Nong Nooch is one of the most attractive destinations in Thailand. It is one of the world’s largest tropical and botanical gardens which is famous in Asia and around the world.

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Begined in the 50s of last century, the garden is the passion of a couple with a huge collection of thousands of different tropical plants. Owners are involved in the conservation of rare plants so this place is the world to live in many rare species of plants that are difficult to find in any parts of the world. The most distinctive is the collection of more than 600 species of orchids. For those who love orchids, this place is a real paradise to indulge in beautiful dreams. Nong Nooch is named after the wife.

Nong Nooch is located not far from the beach town of Pattaya. It was opened to the public from the 1980s, more commonly known as the orchid’s park. The area is hundreds of hectares and is located in a beautiful scenic shimmering valleys like color paintings. This place has become a popular tourist attraction in Thailand as well as tourists in the world. Designed and elaborately built and dedicated by the Nong Nooch couple, the lush green garden is truly considered a masterpiece of landscape design. Inside the garden is a whole world of pottery as a harmony with nature.

Nong Nooch Garden is divided into two areas: flowers and trees gardens and entertainment area introducing traditional arts. Therefore, this place is also called Nong Nooch tropical garden and cultural. After visiting the ornamental flora and ornamental plants, including the orchid garden which is full of many species and colors collected from many places in the world, visitors also see the show of art at the amusement park.

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What to see in Nong Nooch garden

In this garden, there are many varieties of orchids and many plants and flowers which have never seen before. Nong Nooch orchid garden is always covered with a green color to bring cool air and comfort for tourists. Nong Nooch is one of the most popular attractions in the Thailand tour as a must-see destination. Each tree species is planned in a separate area, which is very cared for. From the top of the orchard, Nong Nooch looks like a mysterious labyrinth, with all the different shapes and motifs, creating a very lively and natural picture that any visitor would admire.

During the construction process, Ms. Nong Nooch always collects from all kinds of native flowers and plants to perfect the garden to become one of the world’s rich and diverse variety of plants. Flowers are from all over: France, Europe and Netherlands, with many varieties: orchid, palm, coconut, palm tree, butterfly garden, shaping trees and cactus.

There is also a colorful butterfly garden extracting honey from the fragrant flowers. Nong Nooch Tropical Garden is also home to a beautiful collection of palm trees. In addition, there is also a butterfly garden, a miniature copy of the famous Stonehenge ancient rock, fountains, sculptures or romantic roads …Besides the giant collection of vegetation, the couple Nong Nooch also set up a wildlife conservation project with a small zoo with many exotic animals. Until the year 2000, Nong Nooch garden was quite completed in all aspects, including the services such as resorts, restaurants, resorts for senior travelers with high quality service.

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Nong Nooch is also an ideal place to take photograph. However, spectacular elephant circus shows with ball games, tug-of-war, cycling, etc., martial art performances, tempting games, traditional Thai cultural performances, traditional wedding and dance are also the great attraction of this garden.

Every day, depending on the number of visitors, the entertainment area has 3 to 4 cultural performances of ethnic Thai traditions, including dances and singing throughout the region of Thailand, the traditional Fight Muay Thai that Westerners call Boxing Thai; theatrical scene depicts the historic war between Thailand and Burma in the sixteenth century. In addition, at the food court of the village Nooch Nooch, the visitors will enjoy the taste of many traditional and popualr of the Thai people and some delicious food of the world such as Chinese food, Korean food and European food.

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