Best places to visit in Phuket


When one talks about Thailand’s destinations, it’s deficient if we don’t mention Phuket. Phuket is famous for a lot of tourist attractions.  If you get the chance to travel to Phuket don’t miss these places below and you will have unforgettable experiences.

>> Top tourist attractions in Thailand

Wat Khao Rang

This is popular attractions beauce of its convenient location in Phuket Town. The highlight is that the temple is located on a hillside, visitors coming here can partially see Phuket Town from the hill on Rang Hill. The temple has a large statue of Buddha sitting in the direction of the city – this is also the first temple in Phuket with a big gold statue.

Built in many years ago, the characteristic of this temple is the sitting statue of Buddha. From the gate to the pagoda decoration details, there are thousands of sitting Buddha decorated elaborately and diligently. It is also home to the first giant statue in Phuket.
To get there, you go to Rang Hill then ask. And the best time to go there is in the afternoon.

Hill Top Restaurant

It’s a restaurant from the top of the hill, overlooking the city of Phuket. It’s deficient if you don’t eat there when traveling to Phuket though its price is a bit expensive.
Coming here, you can enjoy both Thai and European cuisine. It’s also a great place to watch the sunset.

Wat Khao Rang (via homeiswhereyourbagis)

Karon View Point

Karon View Point is a cannot-missed place when exploring Phuket. Karon View Point is located between Kata Beach and Nai Harn Beach, so many locals call it Kata View – one of the viewpoints present in the Phuket tourist map. Later on, for some reasons, the local government changed its name to Karon View Point as it is now.

From here, you can see the three major beaches Kata Noi beach, Kata Yai beach and Karon beach. So the Thai also call it Khao Saam Haad (Khao is Hill, Saam is Three, Haad is Sea: Hill observes three beaches). Most tourists coming here look to the north, where the beautiful Karon beach is located.

Patong Beach – the main nightlife in Phuket

If Pattaya’s Walking Street is just a road, then in Patong Beach it’s an area that full of bars, big pubs, cafes, snack bars and massage parlors.

If in Pattaya tourists only focus in Pattaya center, then Patong Beach most visitors gather from more than 20 coasts of Phuke.There are so many people, so there is a number of restaurant opened to serve guests. In Patong Beach you can have more variety of beverages, drink beer beside a small tuk tuk, be rested in a bar, have a drink in the pavement or drink at the beach.

You should come here to see how night life in Patong beach is. Bangla Road is a must-go when coming to Patong beach. Bangla Road or Soi Bangla Road is the busiest area of Patong Beach.

Big Buddha Phuket

The big Budhha Phuket (via asiatraveldeals)

Big Buddha Phuket is located on the hill of Nakkerd Hills, in the middle of Chatong and Kata. With a height of 45 meters, you can easily see the majestic Buddha statue from a distance. From the viewpoint of the Buddha statue, you can see the whole of Phuket: the town, the beaches and Chalong bay … The distance from the center of Phuket to the location Buddha statue is only 6 km.

Big Buddha Phuket is built entirely by the contributions of all people. This is a fairly common way of building temples in Thailand. Besides the cash supporting, Big Buddha – Statue of Buddha was built by joining blocks of marble together. And each block of marble that is grafted onto the Buddha statue will be bought by someone who, once purchased. The name of that person will be inscribed in the marble mass and placed on the statue to be built.

Kata Beach

Kata is a very beautiful beach located in the South of  Phuket. This beach is famous for its long white sand coast.  The best time to go to the Kata beach is the sunset.

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