Pai- A memorable trip


Pai is a peaceful place that attracts tourists due to its natural beauty. You will get unforgettable experiences when spending your holiday there.

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Pai is a small town about 136 km away from Chiang Mai – the second largest city in Thailand. Nestled among the hills, the tranquil Pai valley lies on the tiny Pai Riverwith a beautiful flow of water. 136 km from Chiang Mai to Pai is short but there are many bends in the ramp leading up and down so it takes more than three hours to drive. The road slopes downhill, but I’m sure that when you reach Pai, you will be immersed in Pai’s cute space, the feeling of fatigue will disappear.

The daily life in Pai

The new day in Pai this season comes quite late. In the morning, a thick dew covers the whole town, and at that moment, I was sitting in front of the inn and just looking at a vague Pai, a beautiful Pai. The Pai Riverfront Inn where I stay has a row of views overlooking the river and mountain view.

Pai is bright with the golden sunshine shining along the blue sky. Pai then comes out radiant with breakfast bars, cafes, car rental … Pai starts its day as a tourist town. Most of tourists are Westerners. They start to eat breakfast, rent a car to run around Pai and explore a weird, gentle and lovely Pai town.

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In the afternoon, the sun is still as bright as the morning. Most of the visitors also spent the afternoon in the Memorial Bridge playing bamboo rafting and head for Pai canyon to watch the sunset softly then visit the beautiful cafes along the road with beautiful views to sip a cup of hot coffee and breathe the cool evening dusk in fanciful Pai.

In the evening, Pai is the busiest when the bars on the street welcome guests to eat dinner. The walking street begins to pop out of Pai’s pretty little stalls on Pai’s old-fashioned painted cars, which are found nowhere.

Pai at night has no flickering lights, no blinding noisy as other tourist cities in Thailand. Pai is calm, gentle but not boring. The music in bars and pubs is very quiet and peaceful. In the night market, I found the common of the northern part of Thailand: silent trade, traditional crafts, and Northern dishes.T-shirts, bags are all printed 762 Curves. Or they take advantage of their lovely cute to set her name to the place associated with love: Pai is falling in love, love in coffee, love strawberry, house of love, love cafe . I also found in Pai what is lovely all out: from the small cafe, the popular restaurant to the receptionists there … Then the owner of the cafe I visited, she sold fried chicken with sticky rice in the corner of the street I only ate once time, then when I came for the second time, she asked immediately “today also two wings and one sticky rice right? “.

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The unforgettable trip

For me, Pai is the most peaceful place in the world.  It’s simple and beautiful in its own style.  I left Pai in an early cold morning.  Three days in Pai was a very fast time that I didn’t want to leave. Walking through a shop, look at the words on that love attachment and feel love Pai so much: “Do not forget Pai”, “Please come back again!” “Pai miss you” … how so cute Pai ???

Some tips for travelers

  • There is a bus from Chiang Mai to Pai and it takes 3 hours to travel. You can buy ticket at Chiang Mai Bus Terminal 2. The bus station in the street, so you can easily walk to your inn.
  • Foods and drinks in Pai is cheaper than ones in Bangkok and Chiang Mai. You should come to Na’s Kitchen restaurant. Foods here are very delicious.
  • You can rent a motorbike to travel to some Pai’s famous attractions such as: Coffee in Love café, Love Strawberry, Memorial Bridge, Pai Canyon and some waterfalls.
  • From November to March is the peak season for visitors to Pai. From April to August is rainy season. You should visit the website of Thai tourism to know more accurately best time to visit Pai

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