Similan – A miracle beauty


Similan island is one of the most beautiful islands in Thailand. You can easily see the pictures of this stunning island on the postcards: beautiful beaches with no inhabitants and excellent ecosystems. It’s also the most famous diving spot in Thailand.

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The Similan Islands are a group of islands in the Andaman Sea including Ko Bon, Ko Bayu, Ko Similan, Ko Payu, Ko Miang (two adjacent islands), Ko Payan, Ko Payang and Ko Huyong. It’s a part of Phanga province in the South Thailand. It was recorded as the national park in 1982. Recently, the park has two more remote islands: Ko Bon and Ko Tachai. All are surrounded by tropical jungle with white sand beaches and clear water. You can even see colorful fish, rays and sea turtles.

The air here is very fresh. Even the stones are honed by water, rain and wind. They have very beautiful shapes. Similan Islands is a strange miracle. It has been carefully treated by mother nature. Diving enthusiasts will love this place – such beautiful coral gardens, colorful sea inhabitants, beautiful landscapes that are full of diversity and blue water, a beautiful place on earth!

Coral Reef in Similan (via adventureinyou)

What to see

Similan national park

A group of nine islands was named the Similan Ocean National Park in 1982. The beautiful coral reefs have been devastated by UXO hunting, but today it is an absolutely protected nature reserve. Forest rangers are the only ones living on the island. They play an important role in preventing pollution and acts of vandalism. Therefore, during the rainy season the park will be closed and boats will be checked regularly.


In contrast to the impressive sedimentary rocks on the coasts of Thailand, the Similan Islands bring you a peaceful feel. Beautiful scenery from the huge granite blocks and dense forest will make you surprised. It also boasts the finest white sand and the clearest water, compared to the beaches and islands around Phuket. Nothing can compare to Similan.

The clear sea and colorful coral with many strange shapes make this place a very ideal destination for diving lovers. Underwater world is a truly gift that nature gives. Similan Islands is one of the most beautiful diving spots in the world. There are more than 200 species of coral, and many of fish species that you can hardly find anywhere else in Thailand. They are the salmon, sea turtles, mackerel, mackerel, shark, shrimp and tuna. If you are lucky you can see whale sharks. The most famous diving point is the Elephant Head, where you can glide gently and enjoy the view of the ocean.

Ko Similan

Ko Similan is the largest of the nine islands. You will have a great time relaxing and swimming on this beautiful beach. In addition, there is a lovely trail (2.5km) to the Sailing Rock viewpoint. From here you can see the whole island surrounding.

Similan Islands (via

Ko Miang

Around Ko Miang, there are many beautiful bays that you can dive. Along the way to the island, you will have opportunity to see tropical birds and crabs and admire the beautiful scenery as well.

Where to stay

Similan Island has no inhabitants but the staffs of the National Park. There are some simple tents and bungalows on Ko Miang and Ko Similan island. So the advice is you should book before coming here. What to do if there is no places to stay. Divers often choose a place under water to stay. There are dozens of daily diving tours around the island. At night they would stay in the boat for easy travel in the next morning. But this will definitely make you uncomfortable if you are not used to it. The third way is to stay in Khao Lak and take the boat to the island every day.

How to get there

Similan Island is still deserted because of its limited access to the island. The park is completely closed during the rainy season. You can only visit here from November to May. The island is 55 kilometers from Khao Lak and 120 kilometers from Phuket. There is no public transportation to the island, the only way is to book a tour. You can book direct Phuket flights from Vietnam without tranfering in Bangkok.

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