The most beautiful coral island in Thailand


Koh Lann (Coral Island) is an island that owns one of the most beautiful beaches in Thailand with white sand and clear blue water. If you get the opportunity to travel to Thailand, don’t miss this stunning island.

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With the 4.5 kilometre stretching coast, 90 percent of the island area is the primary forest with the diverse and abundant flora and fauna and coral reef, Coral Island is an ideal place to explore the ocean.

The Coral Island is well-known for its diversity of coral reef and marine life. Coming here, we experienced the wonderful things.

There is no place where fish and coral is so close to the shore like on this island. Water comes only to the knees but you can touch hundreds of fish, striped gauze, sea urchin and coral under water.

The journey to Coral Island

At the first day in Phuket, I looked up the map to find the way to Chalong Pier. I tended to hire a motorbike to get the pier and hire a boat to Coral Island. There are so many piers in Phuket but Chalong Pier is the nearest one to Coral island and it’s about 20 kilometres from Patong where I stayed.

I regretted hiring the own boat because it wasted a lot of time to find the way and money and lack of facilities. The cost to hire boat was also expensive.

If you go on a tour, you will be pick up and don’t waste time finding the way. You will be provided with snorkelling facilities and lunch. But when you hire your own boat, you have to hire snorkelling facilities and seat.

Underwater World in Coral Island (via youtube)

At first, we were a little bit down because everything didn’t like what we expected. But when we got the sea and saw fish swimming, all ennui was wipe out.

We immersed in the sea and played with the striped fish. Because we rent the private boat, so we could play freely.

Renting the private boat and buying tour

We experienced both renting the private boat and buying the half day and full day tour. Both of them have advantages and disadvantages. You can refer our information to have the suitable for yourself.

There are two types of boat travelling among Phuket and other islands including longtail boat and speed boat.

Tourists who want to have their own experience can rent a longtail boat at the price ranging from 2000 bahts to 4000 bahts. The longtail boat can accommodate about 10 people.

The cost to rent a speed boat can up to 15000 bahts. It can accommodate about 30 people and travel around most of the islands in the area.

Necessary information:

– Other names of Coral Island: Koh Hay, Koh Hae and Koh He

–  It’s about 10 kilometres from the island to the south of the mainland.

–  It takes 30 minutes to travel by longtail boat or 15 minutes to travel by speed boat from Chalong Pier.

–  The cost of the accommodation in the island ranges from 950.000 dongs to 4.500.000 dong.

Coral Island from above (via tptravel)

Three main beaches on the island:

–  Long beach: focus on activities such as sea parachuting, banana boat, canoeing, sea walking.

–  Banana beach: swimming, scuba diving course and snorkelling to explore the coral reef.

–  Freedom Beach: Located on the opposite side of the island, very deserted

The cost

–  Chair renting cost: 100 bahts

–  A small cabinet renting cost: 100 bahts, a big one: 200 bahts

–  Dining in the restaurant: 250 bahts/dish, 500 bahts per person for a buffet

–  Free bathroom and changing room

–  Longtail boat from Chalong pier and back: 2000 bahts

–  Speed boat tour: 1000 bahts per person.

Some notes:

–  In Banana Beach, fish swims close to the shore. The big coral reefs in the east are near the stone.

–  In the afternoon, water sprinkles quite rapidly in the coral area. There are many black sea urchins with dense seagrass beds. Be careful of the species’ spine

–  All services and restaurants close at 4.30 pm, so tourists will leave the island or come back the resorts.

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