Top 10 ideal destination in Bangkok for backpacking tourism

If you are not the first time visiting the capital of Thailand or backpacking tourism, I sure you will want to discover Bangkok in a different way. Maybe more closer and deeper to these following destinations.

Thai lan is one of the top attracting tourist over the world. Coming to Bangkok, you would be introduced to visiting Gland Place, Wat Arun, Bayoke towner, snake farm; but there are still having a lot of interesting place which you should come to discover or study. For example: museum or market which brings you a several of image, and interesting information about history and living of native people
  1. Siriraj medical museum

    Medicine Museum 
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The back of river flowing on the opposite side of Wat Pho is Sirirai medical museum. This meseum is known as a horrible museum “The museum of death”. Placed on the Sirrira hospital complex, the museum displays the epidemics which happened and became the disaster of human history. Besides, the meseum also shows artifact of medicine. Information on the museum is very abundant with details of medicine field. The area is displaying mummy and human body parts, however, there are still having the controversy that should or shouldn’t show for public.
  1. Flower market (Pak Khlong Talat)

    Flower market
Getting better after stress or scary moment in Siriraj medical museum, take the ferry-boat going to Chao Phrays to the Flower Market (Pak Khlong Talat). The market would certainly make your soul more beautiful; however, it just opens on midnight. Going by Tuk Tuk and talk Pak Khlong Talat, the driver would understand and quickly bring you to the place at an affordable price.
  1. Wang Lang Food Market

    Food Market
If both of these above points make you hungry, let go to Wang Lang food market with lots of Thai food. Bangkok is considered as a city of street food and Wang Lang is an ideal place to experience. You can choose whatever you want and sit down to eating with the students and event doctor from Siriraj Hospital for lunch. Furthermore, you can discover fried insect in Bangkok. This is one of the best food to tourism
  1. Khlong Thom Market

Talking to market in Bangkok,  Chatuchak weekend market is the first name mentioned because its size and commodity richness. However, if having a chance to come to Khlong Thom Market, the market will bring many interesting scenes and especially you also can find the strange food in here. Marketers often carry “flashlights” to find their own “treasure” and that is why the market is nicknamed the “Flashlight market”
  1. Sub-zero Ice Skate Club

    State Club
If khlong Thom and flower market is the ideal place to explore at night, it is not mean that market in daytime is not interesting. Bangkok is one of the world’s hottest cities due to the influence of tropical weather, greenhouse effect, emission. Therefore, you should come to Sub-Zero to feel the comfortable atmostphere with cool weather in here. Located on 4th floor of Esplanade mall at Ekkama, Sub-Zera would make you feel better with the cool atmostpere by ice and if you don’t want ti skate, you can sit and drink the juice. In the evening, this plce become a vibrant dance hall with DJs and dance bands singing on the ice.
  1. Bangkok Arts and Cultural Center

    Paragon Cinema
The Siam area between the capital is a popular destination for many tourists and is also home of Bangkok Art and Culture Center. The Museum of Contemporary Art is still a hidden flower behind the BTS line and in front of the busy junction. This is actually a large building with cafes, bookstores and restaurants along with paintings, sculptures and exhibitions that take place regularly. The library downstairs is a great place to relax, read books and museums for free.

  7. Paragon Cinema

Bangkok has a lot of movie theaters to enjoy the movie attractions. If you try to go to Paragon Cinema, with about 17 dô la, you will be able to get a movie ticket, drinks, food, foot massages and seats almost universally located.

The House of the museum 

  8. The house of the museum

The House of Museums is a house of museums, strange names and unusual exhibits. Much of the artifacts here are everyday items that have been in use for decades. Open only on weekends and not easy to find, this little museum offers an ancient Thai image. The interesting point of the House of Museums is that you can feel something familiar that you may have seen or seen somewhere.

  9. Batcat Toy Museum

Bat Toy Museum 
One of Thailand’s most fascinating museums, Batcat holds special artifacts that emphasize the character of Batman. Out of central Bangkok in the Bangkapi area, the Batcat Museum makes animated fans remember the first series of Batman movies. Glass shelves in two rooms and two mezzanines set about 50,000 items of toys, magazines, clothes, Batman, Superman, Masked Rider or Ultraman back in 1960.

  10. Rama IX Park

When you have enough time with a busy Bangkok, you can go to Rama IX Park for a more open space. The park was built on the occasion of the 60th birthday of Rama IX’s ninth birthday in 1987. There are quite a lot of attractions in the park as the international gardens where the horticulture of the seven countries is present through the green. Great opportunity to experience Bangkok in a different way.

The article show you top 10 ideal place for backpacking tourism. We all hope that you would have an unforgetable time in Thailand. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or comments. You also can subcribe and like this article if you feel it is useful!