The unique architecture of the Sanctuary of truth

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Pattaya is famous for its resorts and bustling streets at night. But behind the noise of the bar dance hall, there is a unique castle called Sanctuary of Truth which is a destination for many visitors to Thailand.

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The Sanctuary of Truth is completed for your spiritual visitor which is located on the coast and overlooking the gulf of Thailand. The Sanctuary of Truth is made of a huge wooden structure and exquisite carvings of legendary characters with the purpose of reflecting on the psyche of the east and the beliefs of the various faiths in the modern life.

The Sanctuary of Truth is not only a perfect version of ancient architecture but also a testament to the creativity of modern Thai art.The 3,200-meter square Sanctuary of Truth was started in 1981 by the billionaire, which is not the place to pray for a particular faith.

Yossathorn Nhongkoonoi, the manager of the castle, said Mr. Lek’s goal was to allow tourists to travel to Bangkok to learn about the beauty of Thai culture and tradition and to learn from the different faiths through the carved images of the gods and symbols of good in all faiths. We can realize that all religions in the past command us good things.

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The overall view of the castle seems to be in line with traditional Thai architecture, but in fact, its wood sculpture details are influenced by the four major (and philosophical) backgrounds of Thai art in India, Cambodia, China, and Thailand.The Sanctuary of Truth is built entirely of wood, its parts are also joined together by wooden nails.

The unique architecture of the temple

Surrounding the castle are thousands of wooden statues carved from various kinds of wood such as rosewood, limestone wood imported from Myanmar, Laos, and Cambodia. Mr. Phongphol Penpark said that the previous owner always wanted the castle to become one of the most attractive destinations for tourists when visiting Bangkok and conservation of traditional Thai construction techniques that have long since lost. Construction techniques do not require a fixed nail for which they have attached different logs with different types of pegs made of wood. There are heavy wood blocks up to 2 tons.

Phongphol Penpark said the most difficult thing was to bring the big blocks up and connect them safely. Another thing is that when the visitors to visit they are required to wear a safety helmet. Because of such meticulous and more elaborate, after 25 years of construction works were only completed about 90 percent. A team of 250 workers had been working to complete the project in early 2008.

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The Sanctuary of Truth has a height of 105 meters and length of 100 meters. The area inside the castle is 2.115-meter squares. The whole area is 12.8 ha. It is divided into four wings, each wing is designed in a different architectural style. One wing reminiscent of Angkor Wat’s majestic architecture, while the other is designed in Chinese style. The entrance to the front of the mysterious temple with statues and sculptures engraved bold Thai culture. Coming here, visitors feel like entering the world of myths. Inside the temple, visitors are really overwhelmed with giant pillars tens of meters high.

The life view of the East, the culture of thousands of years and the spiritual deities of the Thai people are evident in the reliefs on the walls, columns, and the palace.The main hall of the castle is designed in Thai style, while the other wing expresses bold mythological style of India. Inside the castle, there are engravings and a lot of icons and symbols reflecting the worldview and life of the East. The Sanctuary of Truth is truly a masterpiece of the century in architecture and art. Although it has not been completed yet. the castle opened to visitors who want to see. Ticket price is 500 baht (about 12 USD).

Currently, tourism companies have not put this attraction into the tour. They only organize following the request of visitors. To get there, you can rent a songtaew (operated as a taxi) in Pattaya.

Every year, this temple receives about 300- 500 tourists from all over the world.

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