Chiang Mai – Paradise of Coffee


Thailand is one of the most popular destinations with peaceful beaches, ancient temples and coffee tastes. Chiang Mai is a city located in northern Thailand and  particularly well known for its many cafes. People use local self-grown and processed coffee.

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These cafes are ideal places for visitors after visiting temples and souvenir shops. Because of this particular trait, Chiang Mai is considered as a paradise for coffee lovers.

Coffee center

Chiang Mai city center has many places to start your coffee journey. To start the day in a special way, you catch a “tuk tuk” (a kind of popular transport in Thailand) to Akha Ama – one of the city’s most famous cafes with some of the finest coffee in Thailand.

Creative Coffee locates in the entrance of the temple that are under the giant tree and surrounded by orchids. If you want to have a cup of coffee in the morning and visit to Wat Phra Khao temple, you should go to Ratchamanka Road to enjoy iced coffee or Americano in Creative Coffee. The staff here uses Hillkoff seeds grown in the northern highlands of Thailand and they will ask you in advance whether you want to add sugar to your beverage or not. Creative Coffee is located in the entrance of the temple under a huge tree, surrounded by orchids, let’s buy a cup of coffee to enjoy when walk around the temple. Do not forget to try foot massage before leaving.

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You like sleeping and you want to start a new day later. Ponganes Coffee Roasters on Moon Muang Street opening at 10am is ready to serve you a cup of roasted local coffee. If you feel impressed, you can buy a few bags. Besides the local coffee, Ponganes Coffee Roasters also use selective ingredients from many countries around the world to create the charming flavor. It is great when sit to see staffs roast and enjoy a cup.

Latte for breakfast

Yok Coffee N ‘Bar locates on the first floor of a traditional Thai house in Hang Dong, south of Chiang Mai. It is impressively decorated with old toys, antique furniture and hanging baskets. Local people come to Yok here to enjoy a hot latte on a cold morning or buy a cup and bring them Hang Dong Market, enjoy the smoky “khao tom”.

To enjoy a late breakfast or an early lunch, Im Cafe will meet your needs. The restaurant serves both traditional Thai and Western dishes, along with some of Chiang Mai’s finest coffees. Situated next to a car wash station, the café opens at 8am and serves a range of special food, including sweet caramel candy, iced coffe as well as fresh juices.

If you want to enjoy Western-style lunch along with a cup of coffee, take a taxi to Chang Klan Street and visit “Butter Is Better”. This is an American restaurant with 1950s classic style, a unique discovery in Thailand. The coffee is great, especially when combined with a hot toast or blueberry.

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A full of energy afternoon

After visiting in the morning, stop at the Fern Forest Cafe to recharge. This restaurant is decorated by fern pots and lush greenery. The Fern Forest Café serves a variety of drinks and snacks, including delicious latte and espresso, surely you will be impressed by them.

If you are looking for a place to write travel blog, check email or even solve work, go to Roastniyom- locating in front of the old IBM office building in the south of Chiang Mai Gate. Comfortable desks with bright lights will definitely help you to address your work effectively.

In addition, Pangkhon Coffee is the ideal destination to enjoy a cup of americano in the heart of the Central Airport Plaza Mall. Then, taking the time to experience the amusement of this shopping mall such as: watching a movie (they usually update the latest sub in English), taking the children to skate or going shopping.

Along with Chiang Mai, other cities in north of Thailand has many coffee growing regions and coffee lovers. This is shown by shops, stalls, even rickshaws across the street, selling local Thai coffee beans. The shops here usually make coffee according to local taste – with lots of sugar and milk.

To have a cup of coffee with the finest taste, you should learn a little Thai: If you do not want to add sugar, say “mai sai nam thann”. Just politely request and smile, the barista will make for you.

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