Discover fried insects in Khaosan Road, Thailand

For the first time traveling to Pattaya, Thailand, I and my best friend decided to spend the last night to discover what the atmosphere in Khao San Road is. The street so excited with bars, and food street. There is various food street, but fried insects are one of the special dishes to me. At first, it looks so scared but after eating, it is so great

The distinguish of Thailand fried insects.   

What makes Thailand fried insects more and more famous over the world? Visitor all knows that native people in Bangkok almost never eat this dish, so it is just for visitors who want to discover a new taste, especially Western Visitor. At first, all customers felt very scary and someone asked: “ why people can make fried insects, how can I eat them?”. Finally, they just tried a little, but it was enough for them  “falling in love” with fried insects, especially men. Because fried insects have been linked as a special dish to Thailand’s cuisine, of course, the dish has become a distinguish thing to attract the visitor. This is a special thing which countries can not do that.

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Selling street food is considered as a popular business in Bangkok. The fried insects would get more “customer” only when the bar closed. As a normal habit, girls would buy something to eat before coming home and fried insects are their first choice. At present, scientists said that the dish is very food because it has a high canxi and protein level and does not make you weight gain.

>> Advance: Jim Jum or Thai Hot Pot is popular street food in Thailand especially in the winter. It traditionally made with chicken or pork and fresh herbs such as galangal, sweet basil, lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves, cooked in a small clay pot on a charcoal stove.

Raw material to make street food in Thailand

Most of the insects used in Thailand come from Campuchia. At rain season, there are a lot of insects. To buyer, after buying the insects they would store it in cold temperature and carry to the city

After fried, a grasshopper is called as “Kao gam”. People catch grasshopper at corn fields because corn’s leaf is a favorite food of this insect. Thus, the farmer hated them a lot because it makes harm to the growing of corn.  Because just eating corn’s leaf, their stomach contains “natural sugar” which is very good for our heath. Therefore, after fried, it has a good taste. If you ask someone who visited Thailand about Thai’s cuisine, besides traditional food, or sometimes they don’t know what’s  special food of Thai, but to the insect, all people know.

It’s so delicious with good smell

Besides insect material come from Campuchia, there are a lot of coming from Laos, Myanmar, and some from Thailand. All insects are processed in a clean and safe way, so thousands of people always wait for this stress food and very love this one. Besides natural material, people also grow some type of insects to serve with a big demand of visitor as ants, cockroaches, locusts, beetles, worms, bamboo.

However, there is a difference between the natural insect and growing insect. The natural insect would have a better taste and smell than growing insect. For economic benefits, growing insect is the best choice of some seller because it is cheap and available. Me Parayad Yupin- at the center of Agriculture development research explained why at Khaosan road fried insects are so popular. According to him, the seller just need to spend a small capital to buy insect and there are a lot of people are waiting to eat this one. He added, most of the insect now is added with other spices as lime, chili, and citronella to make its more interesting.

Eating fried insect experience in Thailand

For the first time ever eating the fried insect, all people would fell so horrible and scare. Someone fell so sorry for insect, someone fell very scarily for the first time try to eat an insect.


There are some Western fell scary with this “ Horrible Dish” of Thailand, but after trying one, he decides to continue eating this “Horrible Dish” because it is so delicious and has a good taste. This is amazing. For men, when eating fried insect with some beers, their feeling would move from scary to excited.

As the survey of Thai magazine, up to 98%, men is asked what do you want to eat whenever visiting Thailand, they all answer that they would eat fried insect, especially Chinese. Chinese loves the fried  scorpion, but tourist from other countries love grasshopper because ít fatty, crunchy and look cleaner and less horrible than the others
Many people asked why all people have the feeling of curious and scary this dish, but after they all fall in love? Exactly is from discovering, pass our scary or try a new dish. As science, fried insect besides contains canxi, it also very rich of Protein and mineral.

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