Enjoy Thai cuisine at Baiyoke Sky Bangkok


The Baiyoke II or Baiyoke Sky Tower is Thailand’s tallest building and is the tallest hotel in Southeast Asia. From here you can enjoy panoramic views of Bangkok, Chao Phraya and surrounding areas.

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Seafood buffet Baiyoke on 76-78 floor

Located on the 76th – 78th floors of Baiyoke Sky Tower Hotel, this experience brings you not only delicious food but also the best view of the city. You will enjoy a seafood dinner with delicate dishes prepared by top chefs in Bangkok. Start with the traditional Thai, then switch to modern European or try a Japanese, Chinese, Korean, … Surely this will be a party that full of true flavour for you and the most loved ones.

Bangkok Sky Restaurant welcomes you on the 76th and 78th floors of the Baiyoke Hotel with a buffet filled with seafood delicacies. You can choose among lobster, black tiger shrimp, squid, scallop, crab and fresh fish. The freshness of seafood mixed with the way of processing from various food backgrounds create a delicious taste difficult to resist. Start the journey of international cuisine with salads, fish soup, spicy curry, or try the teppanyaki style with food made with iron plates, steamed dishes and enjoy the sophistication and quality of each dish.

Besides the taste of the food, the buffet also gives you great views of the city centre. Enjoying the meal and watching the scenery to the horizon will bring you a more enjoyable experience. Alternatively, after dinner, you can go to the observatory located on the 77th and 84th floor. From this place, the city of Bangkok appears extremely shimmering and beautiful.

Seafood buffet (via intercontinental)

Buffet at Bangkok Balcony Baiyoke Sky on 81st floor

The Bangkok Balcony is located on the 81st floor of the Baiyoke Sky Tower. It is divided into two areas: Balcony Premium – Outdoor dining and Balcony Indoor – Dining in the house. Each area has a different presentation style, from the white couches to the glass walls of the four East-West-North-South balconies to the cosy indoor seating.

Enjoy cosy dinner

If you choose your indoor seating at the Bangkok Balcony Indoor, you will have the opportunity to dine in a cosy space. The white dining room incorporates yellow light and large glass windows give guests the most comfortable and natural feeling. Along with that, the menu combines the harmony of large cultures, fresh ingredients create a buffet with a variety of more than 100 dishes. You spoil yourself at the table, join the barbecue, have fresh seafood and try the full-flavoured salad.

Enjoy dinner at Bangkok Balcony Premium

If you love freedom and want to enjoy dinner and airy air, Bangkok Balcony Premium will be the best choice. Named for the four directions of East-West-South-North, each direction gives you a different vision but still gives customers the most comfortable feeling, you can both eat and feel the bustling atmosphere below. The most distinctive feature of Bangkok Balcony Premium is the limited seating for 20 unique guests, so you will always have the absolute privacy to enjoy the most memorable moments with your loved ones.

See Bangkok from 77th and 84th floor

Whether you choose to indoors or outdoors, Bangkok Balcony’s menu and space will still bring you great moments of experience.You also have the opportunity to visit the observation deck on 77th  and 84th floors for a glimpse of the city of Bangkok sparkling in the night light. Let your dear ones enjoy the delicious dinner and feel Bangkok from the “roof” of the city.

Buffet at Crystal Grill Baiyoke Skey on 82nd floor

Crystal Grill on 82nd floor (via pantip)

If you want to experience freshly baked goods and seafood on a whole new level, Crystal Grill is a restaurant that meets your literally and figuratively. Located on the 82nd floor of Baiyoke Sky Tower Hotel, this restaurant is designed with 5m high glass panels to ensure you the best view of Bangkok city below. Along with that, the international menu with exquisite flavours, imported ingredients and fresh seafood will bring you an unforgettable dining experience.

Let the scent and freshness of mackerels, live crabs or grilled fish with all kinds of sauces guide you on the journey to discover the special taste and talent of the top chefs. Turn on the dish that you definitely have to try when coming to the Crystal Grill is roasted dory with butter sauce. Despite its unattractive appearance, this dish is always appreciated by gourmets and will definitely be an “experience” extremely valuable.

At the end of your meal, do not forget to take your time to enjoy the colourful sweetness before heading to the 84th-floor observatory. Be the highest point in the city, this is the favourite destination of any visitors coming to Bangkok in general and Baiyoke in particular. From this 360-degree rotating observation tower, you will be able to see the panoramic view of Bangkok’s bustling city and its many famous landmarks.

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