Top 8 Cafes in Bangkok


Bangkok is one of the most attractive destinations in Thailand. There are a lot of things to do and explore in this bustling city. Discovering nice cafes is an interesting activity that you shouldn’t miss when travelling here. These are highly recommended 8 cafes in Bangkok.

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Casa Lapin

If you are a fan of cafes with a liberal and modern style, Casa Lapin will be the place you love at first sight. This is one of the most famous cafe chains in Bangkok, where you simply take pictures in any corner. Casa Lapin has large, long wooden tables with private corners of sunshine.The own decor items are woven delicately anywhere in the shop. The menu at Casa Lapin is also a highlight, with delicious pastries and fragrant cafes, just enough to calm you down in Bangkok.

Address: Soi Songphinnong ( between Thonglor 13 and Sukkhumvit Soi 49/7)

The nearest BTS: Thonglor

Let Them Eat Cake

As one of the famous bakeries and cafes here, you will never imagine how such a tiny bakery that can bring such top buns. Beautiful cakes look like little princesses placed in glass cabinets, and you cannot resist wanting to call them all. And you know, Let them eat cake has received a lot of praise from tourists and famous food bloggers in the world. Some of them even generously said that this is Bangkok’s best bakery.

Address: The 4 floor, Siam Center.

Let Them Eat Cake (Via travelpenchant.wordpress)

Greyhound Coffee

Also as one of the most famous cafes in Bangkok, Greyhound is where you can find a good meal at affordable prices, great cafe, trendy atmosphere and young people all around. In Greyhound, you will only spend about 190-320 baht (equivalent to 120-200 thousand dong) for a plate of spaghetti or Thai spaghetti. A great price for a cafe look to see the right?

Address: 1F J Avenue Lifestyle Mall Thonglor Soi 15

The nearest BTS: Thong Lor

Roast Coffee

Roast Coffee is where you want to come by for a late morning, holding the book and taking photos for a snack. There is an open, bright and beautiful space (great for photography). For the menu, Roast Coffee serves a full-day breakfast menu, so even if you arrive later in the afternoon, you can still enjoy yourself a bundle of eggs or waffles. Of course, besides Roast there are special dishes such as seafood stew or duck breast. The price is not too expensive (over 200 thousand dong), compensate for the beautiful space and good food. You should visit Roast at a special meal on your trip, to make sure you do not miss this stylish destination of Bangkok.

Address: 2/F Seenspace, Thong Lor Soi 13

The nearest BTS : Thong Lo

Jones Orphanage

Do you still remember the fairy tales about the brothers Hansel & Gretel? Pastry House? That’s right, that’s it.All children dream of being lost in a pastry house like Hansel & Gretel. If you’ve ever dreamed like that, it’s best not to miss Mr. Jones Orphanage, because this is the paradise that every child and every adult desires once in a lifetime.

Mr. Jones Orphanage is a beautiful cafe and bakery with extremely cute style. You will swoon with wood furniture and dreadful decorations. But then the cake counter, you will realize that all the bakers you met in the life are nothing with this cake. All the best and most beautiful cakes of the greatest size .. are proudly displayed on this counter. Just like a fair, a contest where each pie is joined for the sole purpose of being selected for your plate. You should consider carefully, because you will be dizzy and end up calling all kinds of cakes, to realize that your belly has been stretched and gone with broken heart because of regret.

Address: 1/F Seenspace, Thong Lor Soi 13

The nearest BTS : Thong Lo

Mr.Jones Orphanage Cafe (via SuperBaoer)

Coffee Beans by Dao

If you are looking for a good appetizer and coffee bean variety with reasonable price, Coffee Beans by Dao is a good choice instead of Starbuck or Coffee beans and tea leaf. Coffee Beans by Dao is not only a menu of over 70 kinds of desserts (from fatty coconut cream to chocolate cookie) but also many of the most famous Thai dishes.

Address : the second floor, Central World Tower

The nearest BTS: Chit Lom

Rocket Coffee Bar

In spite of having been opened, the tiny Rocket Café has received great attention from both international and Bangkok youngsters. The shop offers a modern, bright decor with white walls, wood furniture and black iron, accompanied by beautiful little green pots planted everywhere. The menu of the new restaurant is a true star. The dishes are often light and tasty, like a full brunch. The best dish is probably the egg benedict (the hollandaise here is very delicious). In addition, sandwiches are also worth a try. Even the honey-eaten fruit is delicious and surprisingly good.

Address: 49 Sathorn Soi 12, Silom

The nearest BTS: Chong Nonsi


If you have free time and want to spend it in another cafe, let’s try Kuppa. With the space charming and cozy you can take pictures here. Kuppa also has a quite comprehensive menu with egg benedict or pancake for breakfast and more advanced options for lunch and dinner such as meat, fish and pizza.

Address: 39 Sukhumvit 16 Khlong Toei

The nearest BTS: Asok

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