Bombay – Best place in Khao San Road, Thailand

Bombay Blues is a popular little Indian restaurant on Soi Rambuttri. It’s a vibrant red-and-yellow painted house with luxurious interiors and a great place to bring a date or a crowd of friends for delicious food and after-dinner entertainment. The menu is extensive, from buttery paneer to some of the tastiest mutton Bangkok has to offer, and the waiter is happy to make recommendations should you want to try something other than chicken tikka massala.

What’s special in Bombay?

Bombay Blues is laid-back and good value; you’ll have no problem making a night of it. To find the restaurant just follow Soi Rambuttri towards Chao Fah Road. This end of the street is much quieter and Bombay Blues stands out, with bright colours during the day and twinkling lights at night. There are no chairs here: you take your shoes off at the door and lounge around on large cushions, padded mats and velvet bolsters.

What’s can I find in here?

Some may find that the low-level lighting makes it hard to read the large menu, but you won’t be complaining about the food. Good-value Indian restaurants in Bangkok are not easy to find and Bombay Blues’ reputation lives up to expectations. We start with some light freshly fried vegetarian pakoras, and then as mains a salty lentil dahl, melt-in-your mouth mutton curry and butter chicken in a spicy cream sauce. The menu includes 15 types of bread; I recommend the extremely tasty chocolate naan for those who can’t finish a meal without something sweet. Dishes cost between 100 and 200 baht each.
The Brit in me always orders beer when I am enjoying curry but there are plenty of other options on offer. Browse the well-stocked bar downstairs, try one of the house cocktails or embrace your inner party animal with jelly shots and buckets. Bombay Blues has far more than just dinner and drinks to keep you entertained. Play a few rounds of Jenga, Connect 4 or one of the other board games from the large selection and if you’re here on a Saturday get those hips swaying to the Bollywood tracks spun by the resident DJ. The locals will be on hand to help you perfect your moves. Looking to relax? Retire to the roof with one of the many different types of shisha
Bombay Blues was created to cater for the family and friends of the Thai-Indian owner. But like all good secrets this one was too good not to share and over the years has turned into a popular hang-out for those looking for something more than cheap beer and fried rice. There’s nothing better than a tasty curry on a night out, you’ll be dancing on the tables with the locals before the evening is out.