Buses in Bangkok

Thailand is one of the most attractive destinations in the South East Asia and Bangkok is the must-see destination. The transportation system here develops rapidly. Let’s look at some guides for buses in Bangkok below.

The bus system in Bangkok

The most simple way to travel around Bangkok is to use MRT and BTS. However, traveling by bus is a great way to explore how amazing Bangkok is which you can’t see when traveling by other transports. However, the bus is not the best means of transportation because of some problems with the traffic jams, air pollution, drivers and ticket sellers. The visitors can combine the bus with other transports such as BTS, MRT, taxi, and tuk-tuk. MBTA is the bus service department and provider in Bangkok and some neighborhood area such as Nonthaburi, Samut Sakhon, and Nakhon Pathom. In Bangkok, there are over 100 streets and 3000 buses including private bus and minibus.

Types of bus and bus tickets

In Bangkok, there are many types of buses. The bus lines are very large and complex that make confused for the first-timers.  You should bring a map along or you can ask the local people and policemen (These maps are available in bus stations).

The buses (except night bus) work from 5 a.m to 11 p.m. The normal ticket price is 7 baht (for the red one), 8 baht ( for the white-green one) and 8.5 baht for the fast bus. The price of the bus with air-conditioner ranges from 9 to 19 baht (depending on your traveling distance). The price of night bus (the red one) is 8 baht. The ticket price of EURO II bus (the orange one) ranges from 12 to 22 baht (depending on your traveling distance).

Buses in Bangkok (via 12go.asia)

Some notes when traveling by bus in Bangkok

Since most of the city’s main bus destinations are written in Thai, the best way to know which bus to take is the number of routes, the type of bus and its color. The BMTA bus map is very useful. Do not be fooled by the bus with the same number of routes but the colors are different. Make sure you get the exact same number of cars.
–    You can check the bus routes and the ticket price on Transit Bangkok (the website about Bangkok’s transport information).
–    You will pay the ticket price to the driver assistant on the bus.
–    Prepare some low denomination. You can use 100 baht in the air-conditioned buses but in others buses, they don’t accept the high denomination.
–    Keep the ticket in case someone check.
–    The ticket price air-conditioned buses depend on your traveling distance, so you should tell the ticket sellers and they will tell you how much you have to pay for.
–    The price of the normal ticket is about 7-8 baht ( never over 10 baht).
–    Once you take on the bus, you should go inside immediately. You shouldn’t stand in the door.
–    Remember to hold the handrails all the time
–    If you want to get off, press the stopper before the bus reaches the bus station.
–    Ask the ticket seller if you don’t know where to get off.
–    Always keep your hotel address along in case you get lost.
–    The most convenient bus is EURO II (the orange one). The driver and ticket seller are very friendly and the air-conditioner works well.

Buses in Bangkok (via wikiwand.com)

Disadvantages when traveling by bus

Although you will have a comfortable seat to observe the indigenous people and experience the city on the bus, this is still not a preferred vehicle. Sometimes you will meet some uncomfortable drivers, busy vehicle, and some unpleasant scent. Therefore, if you want to experience the bus in the most comfortable way, you should avoid peak hours (4,5 hours in the afternoon). Also, carefully select the bus you are traveling with. you shouldn’t go if the bus is too old.

Combining the MRT, BTS and bus systems, you can easily travel anywhere in Bangkok quickly and economically. Hope you have a fun trip in Bangkok without having to worry about traveling.

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