How to bargain when shopping in Bangkok


Bargaining to buy a cheap item is an experience when you shop in Bangkok. The first price you hear from sales is rarely accurate to the real value of the product, especially in areas filled with tourists such as Khao San, Silom, Chatuchak Market or around BTS Nana. Please refer to some tips that we has synthesized to easily buy t-shirts, hand embroidered bags, or fancy crafts at the best price.

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Bargain 30 to 40 percent lower than the price the seller offers

In Chatuchak market, especially the items without price sticked, the price that the seller tells you sometimes not a good one and too expensive with the value of the item. A rule to remember when shopping in Bangkok is that the real price of the product will range from 25% to 50% lower than the first price, so you need to negotiate at about 30-40% of the seller given. Before you start bargaining, think about how much you are willing to pay for the item and use it as a milestone to negotiate.

Ask about the item at many different counters

When shopping in Bangkok, you will find many stalls selling the same product, and the prices at these stalls can be unbelievably different. Understand that rule and turn it into your advantage to walk around and find the price difference among the stalls. Some tips that can be used to spot cheaper stores are:
• Stalls with less convenient locations (located in the corner, at the end of the market) will usually have a better price than the stalls in a nice location (near the center, large, easily visible).

Market in Bangkok (via youtube)

• Some wholesalers will probably give you the best price for the retail price. To know where to wholesalers, just see the quantity of goods.

• If you have a lot of time and really want to buy the real thing – the real deal when shopping in Bangkok, especially with handicrafts, essential oils you can find representative shops of manufacturers.

• Have a look at what local people shop at, which may be your golden address.

• Ask hotel staff / tour guides about where to shop at Bangkok.

• If someone buys the item you like, ask them how much and where they buy it.

Behave as you don’t like that item

If you shop in Bangkok and run to a product immediately,and hold up cheerfully “I like it! How much? “, the owner will for a double or triple price to the real value. The trick is to “compress” the pleasure and be normal when bargaining. When you see the item you like, instead of asking for it right away, just look around and ask for the price of some other items first. When the seller finds you are not paying attention to the item, they will offer a much lower price.

However, being indifferent does not mean rude behavior. When you try to be negative about the item, it is very rude and makes the seller doesn’t want to discount. A smile or joke will help to have a lot of fun in Thailand.

Market in Bangkok (via foodandwine)

“Get away” when shopping in Bangkok

Dismissing is the strongest way of the bargain, but it is also a risky action. If you are lucky, the seller will call you back and sell with lower price; If you do not do well, it will be difficult to return to buy. When you like a product but the price is too high, you can say thank you and slowly step away.

The stepping away also help you to see the true value of the item when shopping in Bangkok. The owner may call you back when he knows you are interested but does not accept the high price and gives you the correct price of the product. However, if the product price is right, the seller will not call you back.

Buy in large quantity to have a discount

When shopping in many wholesale markets in Bangkok, especially in Pratunam or Chatuchak you will be discounted if you buy large quantities or many products. If you buy a batch of 3 or 4 identical items, the price will drop to more than 25%, but that’s not the only strategy. Negotiate with a product and suggest a discount if you buy many different types and you will have the best price.

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