How to travel around Krabi

Krabi is a great destination for your holiday. Coming to Krabi, there are many ways to go around the city such as motorbikes, cars, songthaew, long-tail boats, and ferries. Below is the useful information about the route schedule, advantages and disadvantages of the transports to prepare well for your trip to Krabi.

Travelling around by motorbike

Travelling around by motorbike is the best way to explore Krabi. With a motorbike, you can get around the city easily. You can hire a motorbike with the price ranging from 150 to 200 baht per day in the center area, Chao Fa Road and areas near the beaches. Or you can contact the motorbike rental center to take the motorbike to where you are. Some center will give you the helmet, map, and the insurance services.

The motorbike taxi service is available here in case you don’t want to drive yourself. Renting driver is the fastest and the most convenient way to get to a certain destination. Note that you should bargain the price before going.

Travelling around by cars

You can choose traveling by car if you can drive. The car rental service is quite popular in this city. You can learn about the car rental service at the hotel reception or the tourist center in Krabi. Note: you should have a map because there are few indicator boards in Krabi. Besides, you can easily ask the local people the way with a map.

Besides car service, taxi is also a popular vehicle and great idea for rainy days. You can also rent a car with a driver as a tour guide for 2500 baht. This price depends on your bargaining ability and the travel distance. The price for traveling from the airport to Ao Nang, Krabi town, and Phuket is 600 baht, 500 baht, and 2500 baht alternately.

Travelling by car in Krabi (via inamoments.wordpress)

You can refer the price to other destinations outside Haagen-Dazs on Beach Road or Ao Nang Soi 8 entrance.

Travelling around by bus

Besides the bus running from Bangkok to Krabi and vice versa, there are also songthaews operate all the day. You can get on or get off at any destinations. Even you can call this songthaew as a taxi. The price of this transport depends on your travel distance.

In addition, you can travel by tuk-tuk or samlor at Ao Nang beach. The price of these transports is around 20-50 bath per person.

Travelling around by long tail boat

You can travel by long tail boat when you are at Ao Nang and Railay. Departuring from Ao Nang beach, you can get to Railay, Phra Nang and Krabi town for the price ranging from 50-80 baht. The boat operates all the day of the week (except the bad weather).

Some long-tail boat routes and the price:

–    Pai Plong, Ton Sai or West Railay/ Phra Nang Beach: 100 bah/person (at least 8 people or 800 baht to rent the whole boat). After 6 pm, the price is 150 baht/person.
–    From Ao Nang to Chicken island, Tub or Poda: 300 baht/person (at least 6 people or you can rent the whole boat). The price of a boat for 6 adults in 4-7 hours:
–    Poda island and Chicken island in a half day: 1700 baht.
–    Chicken island, Tub, Mor, Poda and Phra Nang beach in all day: 2200 baht.
–    Scuba diving (Ko See, Ko Haa, and Yawasam/Yasambon): 3000 baht.
–    Ko Hong: 2500 baht.
–    Koh Hong + Ko Pakbia, KO Rai, Ko Landing: 2800 baht.
–    Bamboo island (a part of Koh Phi Phi island): 3800 baht.

Long-tail boat in Krabi (via

You can also find the long tail boat at Nopparat Thara, Chao Fah in Krabi town, Klong Muang, Ton Sai beach and Railay. The price may be different from the one departuring from Ao Nang. Some boats set the certain price and you have to follow this.

Travelling by ferry to Koh Phi Phi and Koh Lanta

Travelling by ferry to big islands is a safe and cheap way. They all departure from Krabi town. The ferries to Phi Phi, Jum, and Lanta island are located in the west of the town.

Some ferries don’t operate in the monsoon season (from May to October) and they are replaced by long-tail boat and bus.
Whether you choose any transports to travel around Krabi, you will find it more comfortable than one in Phuket or other cities because this place is very peaceful.

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