Khao San Road travel tips

Khao San Road is a walking street where there are a lot of entertainment activities for tourists in Bangkok. It’s popular place for international visitors, like Bui Vien Street in Saigon and Ta Hien street in Hanoi. Coming to Khao San, you can immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere all the day with restaurants, bar and street food. It will be an unforgettable experience in Thailand.

How to get there?

Khao San Road is located in the old Bangkok area, so there is no subway and skytrain system like in Siam and Sukhumvit area. The main transport to travel is the bus.

From Pattaya to Bangkok

The bus stops at Mochit station which is near the night market. If you want to visit the market, you can walk about one kilometre or you can take the taxi for 60 bahts ( if you take the motor taxi, the drivers will ask you 100 bahts). There are many bus stops around Chatuchak market, you can ask the locals which stop you can catch the bus number 512 to Khao San. The ticket price is 15 baht. Travelling by bus is an exciting experience that you should try in Bangkok. The bus in Bangkok is very clean.

If you go shopping at Siam Center, you can catch the bus number 15 in the opposite side to get to Khao San. The ticket price is just 7 bahts.

Note: The signal to know the stop near Khao San Road is Democracy Monument. From this stop, you walk about 200-300 meters to Khao San.
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The second way is to take the boat on Chao Phraya River.

The nearest ferry station to Khao San Road is station 13 located in Phra Arthit Street. You will get on the orange boat and the ticket price is 15 bahts. You can get off at any stop. If you want to go shopping at the centre, you should get off at Sathon station then take the BTS.

The third way is to take the taxi to Khao San. It’s easy to get a taxi in Bangkok. Remember to ask the price before you get in the taxi.

There is also tuk-tuk around Khao San Road. The price is quite expensive. At first, we didn’t know the way to get the hotel so we took the tuk-tuk. The price was 60 baht to just 500 meters.

Accommodation in Khao San

When travelling to Thailand, you should book the hotel through Agoda. The price is quite reasonable.

Some good hotels in this area:
D&D Inn Hotel: The price is about 600.000 thousand dong. The hotel offers swimming pool and free breakfast
Sawasdee House, Chart Guesthouse is about 300.000 thousand dong for a double room. You should book the room near Phrasumen or Khao San to convenient for travelling.

Cuisine in Khao San

Cuisine in Khao San is deserve with many street food. You can see Thai traditional food with reasonable price. Rambuttri street next to Khao San Road is the place where so many delicious food is sold.

The main drink here is beer with many brands such as Chang, Tiger and Leo. The price is about 70 bahts. There are also many types of fruits such as watermelon, mango and durian. The durian here is quite expensive.

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Walking around Khao San Road

Khao San Road at night is very busy. There are many bars and restaurants along the street. You can take part in guitar music band at the street or sing with rockers at bars. Khao San Road is busier than Walking Street in Pattaya.  If you like quiet, you can come to rooftop bar to listen to acoustic music. The massage service is also available everywhere.

Shopping is an exciting experience here. Unlike shopping centre, you can bargain to buy the things you want. You can choose handmade items or stylish clothes with the price ranging from 100-200 bahts.

You should visit Khao San Road in Songkran festival occurring from April 13th -15th to feel the festive atmosphere here. You also come here in June, July or at the end of the year.

Some notes when visiting Khao San :
–    You should follow some rules such as wear casually and not point fingers at other people to avoid troubles.
–    If you have any problem with security, you can come to the police station.
–    Be aware of people who invite you to participate in their tours.

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