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Thailand is home to numerous beautiful islands. As not bustling as other famous coastal cities, Koh Chang is a gorgeous island in the ocean. It is the most searched destination in Thailand.

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Koh Chang or Elephant Island is located about 310 kilometres from Bangkok city is an ideal place for your summer holiday. Coming to Koh Chang, you will be lost in a fairy and beautiful scene. Koh Chang is located in the nature conservation, so everything here is taken care to ensure the most natural and pure beauty.

The clear blue water, the clean stretching white coasts, dense tropical forests, beautiful waterfalls and friendly people are the reasons why Koh Chang has attracted more and more international tourists.

Where to stay in Koh Chang

With the interest of the Tourism Authority of Thailand, Koh Chang has developed to the most attractive natural tourist destination in the country. Not only invested in infrastructure and preserved the natural wild scene, resorts, hotels and restaurants here are also provided conditions to develop.

Resort in Koh Chang Island (via kckohchang.com)

The resorts here are located side by side on the main road running from White Sand Beach to Pearl Beach, Chai Chet Beach, Klong Phrao Beach, Kai Bae Beach, Lonely Beach, Bai Lan Beach, about 15 kilometres to the last beach. Each resort owns a private beach with different characteristics such as white sand, pebbles and coconut trees along the beach.

Resorts at Koh Chang is desirable with reasonable price. With the price under 1,5 million dong per night, you can choose the resort with the favourite location, beach and the design. Resorts are located on the main road, so travelling or coming to the dinning centre is so convenient.

What to do at Koh Chang Island

Be a natural beach located in the conservation area, there are no big boats or water motorbikes here. There are only canoes or small boat for tourists to travel around islands. Visitors coming here are interested in tours visiting islands. Just with 400 thousand dongs for a tour visiting 5 islands, you can dive to see the colourful coral reef and fish. For those who are seasick, you can choose other tours such as surfing, parachuting, kayaking or fishing.

Seventy percent of the area of Koh Chang is the tropical forest. Combining with mountainous terrain and many steep slopes creat beautiful and famous waterfalls such as Klong Plu and Tanmay.

Klong Plu is a beautiful and pure waterfall, flowing from the high mountains of the island. During the rainy season, this area is very beautiful. Visitors can swim under the waterfall or in the green jungle lakes that is hard to find elsewhere.

Imagine an exciting journey beginning with exploring the rainforests, bathing in the morning. In the afternoon, you can immerse in the cool blue sea, dive to see the coral reefs or play adventure games in the sea. When the sun sets, back to relax with Thai massage to prepare for the evening with enjoying the seafood dishes made in the style of Thai cuisine.

What to eat in Koh Chang Island

Thai cuisine has been famous around the world for its flavours of sour, sweet, spicy and salty.

Dining in Koh Chang (via agoda)

However in Koh Chang, a place that nature privileges, you cannot miss special seafood that still keeps the fresh taste of raw materials. They are combined with harmonious spicy ingredients. Remember to choose dishes with the combination of coconut, increasing not only the smell but also the sweetness and fat for dishes such as steamed coconut milk, coconut butter sauce, coconut meat fried seafood and tom yum.

In Koh Chang Island, there are hundreds of restaurants that serve European, Asian, Thai and local dishes. Coming here, you must try the food at Ciao Kho Chang, Blue Lagoon, The Kitchen, Q Every or Ido Ido White Restaurant Chillout. These are the most favourite restaurant at the reasonable price in Koh Chang.

Moreover, there are some grilled restaurants in White Sand Beach area. Grilled dishes are served with a special sauce made from local spices. Enjoying the delicious and attractive barbecue in the cool atmosphere of the sea is really a great experience on your trip.

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