Krabi Travel Guides (Part 2)

Krabi is one of the most popular destinations in the South Thailand which can be the ideal place to spend your holiday. There are so many fascinating places and things to do awaiting you in Krabi.

Koh Poda

This island is just about one-kilometer square covered with pine and palm and white sand beaches. Coming here, you have the opportunity to admire to miracle coral reef under the water, just 20 meters from the shore. You can also combine scuba diving, kayaking, sailing or parachuting.

Emerald Lake

Emerald Lake Krabi is famous for its natural beauty as a liquid crystal lake. Sparkling in the light and the forest canopy, you can relax in the clear water and forest wind. This place even has a beautiful trail for you to walk and explore. In this area, there is a national park, where are the home to so many interesting animals and plants. If you’re lucky, you can see several species of plants and animals that have been present on Earth since ancient times.

  • Opening hours: from the morning to the afternoon daily
  • It’s take about one hour to drive from Ao Nang
  • Note: bring water, camera and mosquito repellent
  • The entrance fee: 100 bahts

Tiger cave

Tiger Cave  – Krabi Sua Tham is an attractive destination with 33 temples in the cave whose architecture is similar to the Angkor Wat. Besides exploring the cave interior, you can conquer the top of the cave. From there, you can see the panorama view of Andaman, especially in the sunset and sunrise.

Kayaking in Krabi (via

Koh Phi Phi

Be a treasure of Krabi, Phi Phi attracts tourist thank to its clear blue water, white sand beach and the fresh air. The best way to get there is to travel by high-speed boat. The most beautiful beaches in Phi Phi include Maya Bay, Monkey beach, and magnificent limestone cave. There are also a lot of delicious dishes here.

Koh Tup and Koh Mor

These two small islands belong to Poda Koh Mu. Located about 9 kilometers from Ao Nang, it takes about 30 minutes to get there from Krabi by long tail boat. A unique feature of these two islands is that it is a tiny road that only appears when the tide is low, allowing you to walk to Koh Kai. Alternatively, you can also take a short hike to the point of view. From there, you can see other islands in the area.

Railay beach

Railay is a small island surrounded by four beaches.There are no roads, no buses, and cars here. They get there by the long tail boat. The attractive point of this place is the superb limestone cliffs that climbers often choose to conquer. In addition, this destination is world famous through amazing pictures. It’s considered as the paradise with mysterious caves, valley and forests.

Klong hot spring

Not only owns beautiful beaches, Krabi also has natural hot springs. Created from volcanic rock, the water temperature is usually about 35-40 degrees with natural minerals and salt rock that is good for health, especially for skin. Only 70 kilometers from Krabi Town, this hot spring gives you a sense of relaxation in nature.

Maya Bay (via

Maya Bay

Maya Bay is one of the most beautiful bays in Thailand. With the fresh air, forest and beautiful beaches, Maya is an ideal place to relax and explore the ocean.


Kayaking is a fascinating activity to do when traveling to Krabi. Along the coast, there are many places to rent to the boat to explore the sea yourself. Slipping on the sea surface, wading into the mangrove forests or strolling around the limestone islands will make your day explore Krabi more interesting.

Relax in the spa

Thailand is well-known for the amazing massage techniques, so relaxing in the spa is an activity that you should not miss in Krabi. Sea air with aromatic herbs and spirit oils will surely bring you the best moments of rest.

Night life in Krabi

Like other destinations in Thailand, the night is the time of many interesting activities. You surely should take part in cabaret shows, and sleepless bars. Don’t miss the night life experience when traveling to Thailand.

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