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Thailand is a jewel of Southeast Asia. It’s an ideal place to spend your holiday. As the tourism industry has improved dramatically, the transportation has to develop to meet the demand of tourists. Below is the information of transportation in Bangkok to make your trip more convenient.

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Skytrain BTS

BTS is an aerial tram system (called Skytrain) in Bangkok, which is extremely convenient and fast. There are two BTS routes, namely Silom and Sukhumvit: Silom runs across the central (Siam) and southwest of the city (Chong Nonsi), while the Sukhumvit line runs across the northern area (Chatuchak – Mochit) (Siam) and the southeastern city (Sukhumvit-On Nut).

The ticket price is from 10 baht to 52 baht depending on your destination. If you use Skytrain as your primary means of transportation, you should buy a one day pass for 130 baht, which can be used for infinite times in a day. You can exchange coins at the service counter in front of the ticket counter at each station and buy tickets through nearby machines. When passing through the ticket gate, insert the card into the slot. The machine will automatically swallow the ticket, open the gate and return the ticket to you in another slot. Quickly pick up the ticket and pass before the gate closes.


The MRT is Bangkok’s subway system, running a single loop between Bang Sue in the north (near Chatuchak Park), Sukhumvit, Silom and Hua Lamphong stations near Chinatown. The ticket price is from 16 to 40 baht, depending on the number of stations you will go through.

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Note that this retail ticket is a plastic penny, bought from the ticket machines at each station. When controlling the ticket, simply place the coin on the sensor, the door will automatically open. Take the penny and go over, because you still need to return the penny to the station you want to go to. In addition, you can also buy tickets for an indefinite period of time at the ticket office:1-day pass for 120 baht; 3-day pass for 230 baht and 30- day pass for 1400 baht.

Tuk Tuk

TukTuk is a cheap and popular means of transportation in Bangkok. Travelling by tuk tuk will be an unforgettable experience because of its speed. You can travel by BTS or MRT if you want to visit Siam, Silom, Sukkumvit or Chatuchak. If you want to visit some farther places such as Khao San, Chinatown or riverside areas, travelling by tuk tuk is the best choice.

Maybe you have to pay 30 baht for 5-minute travelling. Therefore, before getting on the tuk tuk, you should ask driver the price. You can bargain 15-20 baht lower than the price that the driver says. For the long distance travelling, you can bargain about 25% to 50% because the initial price is quite high ( from 300 baht or more).


Taxi is a popular means of transportation in Bangkok, especially in some areas that BTS and MRT system are not available such as China Town and the West area.

For the first 2 kilometers, the price is 35 baht. And then you will pay more 5 baht for each one kilometer. If you travel about 3 kilometers, you only have to pay about 50 baht (you don’t need to tip the driver).

Some notes when travelling by taxi:

  • Shouldn’t catch the taxi parking in front of hotels, sightseeings or shopping center. The driver will try to negotiate a price with you instead of following the cash register.
  • The drivers can’t know all the streets around the city and they aren’t good at English as well. You should ask the hotel staff to write the address of the hotel or where you want to go in the piece of paper in Thai language.
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There are many buses in Bangkok and each runs a different route so you can go anywhere. However, the bus service is not very good, and most bus boards are in Thai so it is difficult for foreigners to know which bus to pick. You should get a BMTA bus map at bus shelters. Note that get on the bus which number and color are same with the instructions in the map because the bus that has the same number but different color can go on another route. Bus prices range from 7 baht to 22 baht depending on distance and type of bus. EURO II (orange) vehicles are the most comfortable with good service and new air conditioning.

Vehicles to explore Chao Phraya River

Chao Phraya River is one of the most popular destinations in Bangkok with lots of temples and luxury hotels nearby. To explore the river, you can use ferry, river taxi or boat. The price of the ferry is about 2,5 baht. The river taxis go along the riverbank with the price of 6 baht or more depending on the distance. Or you can take a boat with a tour guide that The Chao Phraya Express Boat Company offers. You can buy the day pass ticket with the price of 75 baht. The boat goes along the river bank and stops at 10 most attractive places such as Wat Run, the Grand Palace or Wat Pho.

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