Three most popular tricks in Bangkok you need to know


Bangkok is an ideal destination to visit where you can feel secure. However, like other places, there is still someone who trick the backpackers coming to Thailand for the first time.

Although these tricks are popular, many people are still duped every day. Maybe the reason is they’re plane sick or they’are innocent. Whatever the reasons are, you should know these tricks to avoid them. These tricks are quite similar, the easy way to avoid them is to say “ No, thank you”.

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The trick “ The Grand Palace is closed today”

How does it happen?

While you’re walking around some Bangkok’s attractions such as Grand Palace, Wat Phra Kaew, Wat Pho or Khao San road, a Thai will come to you with a smile and ask you where you are from. That’s the way to start tricking. Then he will say “ You want to visit Grand Palace today, don’t you? What a pity! The Grand Palace is closed to day because a royal event is occurring”.

Instead, he will suggest you visit other temples around Bangkok by his tuk-tuk. The price is about 20-40 bahts and he will be your tour guide. Also in this journey, you will meet other “truthful” men “by chance”. He will ask you that if you have ever heard about the program that helps tourists buy jade with the low price.

This is the process that the trick happens:

He will stop at a company and say that the program just lasts in today. Of course that company isn’t related to the tourism department and there are no promotional programs. You may pay much more money than others.

Or he will stop at the gem store where there is someone who lets you see gems, even the real ones. Because of the free tax, the gems that you buy will be delivered to your address. However, the value of those gems is much less than the real ones.
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How to realize that?

It’s normal when someone wants to help you when you need, but it’s suspicious if someone helps you when you don’t need. It’s doubtful when a strange man who can speak English well approach you and offer to help, especially in the tourism area. He often brings a map and an umbrella along because he stays all the day in the hot weather.

The trick with tuk-tuk

How does it happen?
It’s quite similar to the trick at Grand Palace above but franker: The drivers of tuk-tuk parking at tourist attractions, hotels, and shopping malls will take a very high price for a short travel.

Or they will ask you that “ Would you mind taking the free petrol by stopping a few minutes at the gem shops?You don’t have to buy anything, just visit a little time”. Because you’re kind, you are willing to help him. And finally, most tourists will buy something.

How to realize this trick?

The best way is to avoid tuk-tuk parking near shopping malls and hotels, or you deny stopping at any places, just go straight your destination.
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The Patpong trick

How does it happen?
When you are in the “red light” street – Patpong and wondering which bar to go, a man will approach you with the list of interesting things that you will experience if you go with him. As a result, you will go with him because you’re curious and don’t know where to go. In addition, he will say that you would not have to pay if you don’t like.

The bar is often on the upstair. It’s just a small one with some girls. You will order something to drink and the girl will, too. You’re also required to tip generously. By that time, people realize and they want to leave and the price they have to pay is 2000 bahts.

How to realize this trick?

The best way to avoid it is not to come to that area. Or if you really want to experience that night life there, let’s go to the well-known bars. And you should not travel alone because of you’re safe.
Bangkok maybe is a paradise for your holiday if you know how to avoid the tricks. Anyway, prepare well before you go and you will have an unforgettable trip here.
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